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A very high-level meeting has been set up between The Balochistan Mineral Exploration Company and Mineral Resources Company Limited Balochistan which was led by the Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan to evaluate the possibilities and opportunities in the exploration of minerals in Balochistan.

By adopting modern technologies and improved policies, mineral-enriched countries have shown progress resulting in good economical development.

The terms and conditions to introduce provisions that will allow the companies,  BMRL, and BMEC to take part in the project for development and exploration were discussed and granted by the Chief Minister.

As per the suggestion by the CEO, mining industry specialists should be on board for the project and must be included in the board of directors. 

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An agreement has been signed between the federal and provincial administrations for two years in which the corporation will receive Rs. 3.2 billion, the Balochistan government has allotted an amount of 1.44 crore.

The amount that will be spent on digital infrastructure such as mining machines in different locations will be around 70 million, and the computerized royalty collection system will be worth 150 million.

The cost for the Dukki mining resource will be Rs. 10 million, the mineral complex will be established at Rs. 500 million, the metal park would cost Rs. 300 million. There will be benefit plants placed in different areas to add value to raw minerals.

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