The Desi Dad Syndrome that Every Middle Class Kid Can Relate to

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A typical Pakistani Desi dad is mostly seen as a tyrant, disciplinarian, and practical man who most often has issues with everything his children do. The Pakistani Desi father is meant to be feared. Desi Fathers are the kind of breadwinners who think housework and nurturing of the kids are not their domain.

With the rare exception, almost every other desi dad is the same and behaves the same way. Their only job is to try to control the whole family, pass on sarcastic comments, taunt, and compare their children with others.

Desi Dad Memes That are Shockingly Accurate

Today, in this blog, we’ll talk about the desi dad syndrome that every middle-class kid can relate to. Here are some of the things about desi dads that every Pakistani can relate to.

1. Some Famous Dialogues of Every Pakistani Desi Dad

Here are some of the typical desi dad dialogues that every Pakistani kid can relate to

Bijli Ka Bill Tera Baap Bharay GaDesi dad dialogues, Desi Dad Syndrome, Brown parents

That unfortunate moment when your dad comes home and the AC is on and you also forgot to switch off that extra fan and light. Just get ready for all the scolding and taunts. 

Humare Zamane Ki Toh Baat Hi Kuch Aur Thi….

Desi dads will never get tired of comparing todays’ world with the good old days of their own time.

Mein Jab Tumhari Umar Ka Ta To….Brown parents, Desi father, Pakistani desi dad

They will always make sure to show you that when they were of your age they were better than you in everything.

Government Job Ki Tayari Kar Lo – Private Job Ka Koi Faida NahiPakistani Desi Family, Pakistani father

For desi dads, the security of life is dependent on a Government Job. No matter how good your private job is, it won’t count. 

Jab Tumhare Khud ke Bachche Honge Tab Samajh Aayega Tumhebache, brown kids, brown son

This dialogue always comes out when you dare to upset them. Immediately, they will remind you that you too will be at their place one day. So, stay humble and treat them well so that you will be treated well by your kids.

Beta Paise Per Pe Nahi Ugthepaise, money, fame

This dialogue comes out whenever you ask for that extra pocket money to go on a college trip or to attend a friend’s birthday party.

Ye Dost Zindagi Bar Kaam Nahi Ayengedost, zindagi, life lessons

They say this to warn you to stay away from your friends and don’t waste your life or precious time on temporary friends. 

Jab Mai Gaon Se Sheher Aaya Tha Toh Mere Jeb Me Bas 50 Rupaye The Or Aaj Dekho Main Kaha Hoonvillage, move ahead, achievements

Every Desi Dad’s dialogue when they try to boost over their achievements to make you consider them as a role model and follow their footsteps to achieve success in life. 

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2. A Desi Dad Will Never Be Satisfied With Your Achievementssuccess, kid's failure, kids achievements

You score a 99 on a test and instead of congratulating you, either mom or dad asks “where did you lose the one mark?”baba, father, desi dad

You must be No. 1 in all fields or else you are a failure. An A- is a failure and B+ is the end of the world

3. For Desi Dads the only 3 Professions in the World are – Doctor, Engineer or Lawyerbeta, asian daughter, asian son

Pakistani Desi dads are generous when it comes to allowing their children to choose their professions. They give them the option of doctor, lawyer, and engineer. If that’s not freedom, then we don’t know what is. Any other field of studies than medical or engineering is not good enough for desi dads. They consider all other professions as hobbies which you shouldn’t waste time on. doctor, engineer, career

Even if you are courageous enough to propose the idea of venturing into a new field of your choice. Then get ready for a melodrama with tears, fake heart attacks, and “yeh sunne se pehle mai mar kyu nahi gaya”.

4. Don’t You Dare To Use Logic and Try To Answer Back A Desi Dad

 Desi Dads will never try to understand their kids’ logic. Infact, using logic and trying to make them understand your point of view can invoke “The Flying Chappal” counterattack. 

5. Desi Dads Will Never Understand Or Accept The Concept of Love Marriagelove marriage, shadi, mehndi

“Kya Burai Hai Arranged Marriage Me?” 

“I and your mother didn’t even see and know each other before our wedding day and see how happy we are now together.”

This famous dialogue always comes out when you try to make them understand the importance of arranged marriage.

6. Desi Dads Will Make Their Own Rules and Won’t Care About Your Dreams dreams, reality, approval

7. A Desi Dad Will Never Apologizesorry, apologies, apologize

No matter how badly they scold or hurt you. You can never expect an apology from a desi dad. Despite realizing their mistake they will never say sorry to their kids rather they will just try to be nice and will ask you to eat something. 

8. No Matter What You Do, They Won’t Consider You Good Enoughresult day, university, college

Mr. Khan’s son got 95 marks while you just scored 92 – Ab Kia Moo Dikhayenge Sab kochildren, failure, middle class kids

Desi fathers will constantly remind you of how your uncle’s wife’s sister’s cousin is so much better than you at just about everything. 

9. There’s No Such Thing As Depression Or Dyslexia For A Desi Dad. Pick Yourself Up And Keep Going

Desi dads will never accept the reality of depression or dyslexia. For them to diagnose with depression, you have to suffer the agony of life. And being a dyslexic means “Nalaiq Aulaad” who is really not interested in studies. 

11. When They Add You To Every Family WhatsApp Group Without Even Asking Youwhatsapp groups, family group, mom and dad group

12. Desi Dads Will Always Make You Reach Airport 3 Hours Before Actual Timedaddy, airport, flight

Are you even a true Pakistani if your father doesn’t force you to reach the airport 3 hours before the actual boarding time? If your flight is at 3 pm then you have to be at the airport by 1 pm sharp otherwise you’re doomed.

13. Horror Movies Can’t Scare You The Way A Miss Call Canmissed calls, appointment, death

14. A Desi Dad Won’t Let You Enjoy Anything That Involves Spending Money

fathers day, mothers day, celebration

15. The Only Time You Will See A Desi Dad Happy is When There is A SALE!emotions, marriage, medical school

The only time you will see a Pakistani Desi father express happiness and excitement is when they have a SALE sign glaring at them.

Nothing gives them more joy than a great SALE deal. Not even biryani or seeing the Pakistani cricket team reaching the semi-finals of the Cricket World Cup.

16. Brown Dads And Their Unrealistic Expectationsfather, expectation, daddy, desi dad

Desi dads will always have unrealistic expectations from their kids. No matter what, they want you to respond to them, even if you’re in the bathroom. 

17. Desi Dads And Technologytechnology, tools, solutions, desi dad

Desi dads will always pretend that they know how to use any latest technology such as a computer, laptop, mobile phone, or smart TV. But then they ask you to help them when they get stuck without actually asking you to help them.


In the end remember that no matter what your dad says or does, it’s all done with good intentions and comes from a place of utmost care and love. Don’t forget that your dad is your first love, biggest strength, and irreplaceable figure in your life. Despite his strict rules and opinions about everything related to your life, desi dad is still the only man who will always have your back and will always be by your side.

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