Hey girls! Many of you would have landed on this page to become more aware regarding all the struggles that you have to go through for arranging as well as moving on with a perfect marriage. Well, the article is just meant for you as we elaborate the top 10 struggles that every new Pakistani bride goes through and the manner in which you would be able to handle it appropriately to have a happy life ahead.

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What are the Struggles of a Newlywed Pakistani Bride?

So, here’s the list of top 10 struggles faced by every Pakistani bride:


The very first struggle that drives your mind crazy is to outshine all the other girls and be in the limelight on your wedding day. For this, you don’t wish to look chubby or fat while standing along with your husband. The thought of looking fat at the wedding reception in a tight lehenga seems to be a headache for most of the women. Don’t think too much about this and don’t start to take extreme dietary routines that will make you faint. Just start with a balanced diet that includes all the essential nutrients obtained from fruits, vegetables, lentils, and meat. Therefore, eat everything but don’t eat in excess. Do remember to take a nice cup of green tea after taking a meal. That will get rid of all the toxins and will make your skin glow.


Your next struggle generally revolves around having soft, shiny, and glowing skin. As you are going to have a photoshoot along with so many friends, relatives, and guests, you have to remain conspicuous not just with your dress but also with fresh skin, free from acne and dark circles. The worry of pimples and black heads is painstaking and you want to ensure that nothing like this happens near or on the day of wedding. 

Start by keeping your skin hydrated externally as well as from the inside by drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water on average. Apply moisturizer on your skin after washing your face so that the skin does not get dry. Use rose water to wash your face. Make sure to apply sun screens including UVA and UVB protection while going out shopping. In addition to all these precautions, you can visit a dermatologist to know more regarding your skin type and the appropriate remedies to keep your skin fresh for the special Pakistani bride look.

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Makeup Items

Once you get to know your skin type, the next worry would be selecting the right makeup items for your bridal makeover. Of course, you can rely on the salon to choose the items for you after testing a few products on your skin but that can be a little risky. The best place to start is consulting a makeup artist and discussing the kind of makeup and appearance that you wish to have on the wedding day. Share the wedding dress color and design as it will help a lot in terms of selecting the right color for your skin. 

There are a lot of makeup products which you may want to buy and apply before the wedding, including primers, foundations, concealers, powders, blush, highlighters, mascara, eye liners, lipsticks and lip gloss. However, we suggest that before your big day, let your skin breathe. Don’t keep it covered all the time with foundations and powders. Wash it regularly and apply moisturizers. This stands as the best treatment for your skin.

Wedding Dresswedding dress, wedding shoes, dulha

The next worry awaits your attention and that is the color and design of your wedding dress. In general, dark colors are worn on the wedding day and light shades are preferred for the reception. Well, if you wish to align with everyone’s expectations then you can simply go with the conventional red. However, if you like some other color that is close to red or some shade of red you can go for that as well. Keep in mind that as a Pakistani bride, you ought to be happy after wearing your lehenga. 

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Wedding Shoes

Though you have to wear your wedding shoes for that particular occasion. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to punish yourself just to appear like a doll for others to appreciate. Don’t step out of your comfort zone even for buying the wedding shoes. Be careful regarding the shoe size, flexibility, comfort, and the most important thing is that you are able to walk to and from the stage because you shall be in the limelight during these moments.

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Personal Hygiene

The focus on looking the best at the wedding day makes a Pakistani bride overlook the importance of personal hygiene that flourishes the real beauty from the inside. Remember that hygiene is not limited to brushing your teeth regularly or using mouthwash to avoid bad breath. It also involves taking a bath regularly to avoid body odor, using a clean towel to avoid infections, wearing the underwear of appropriate size after careful investigation, appropriately cleaning the private parts and changing pads before their prescribed limit. All these measures will make your personal hygiene healthier.

Adjusting in the New Familyskipping meal, just married, newlywed bride

The inevitable part of the wedding is that a girl has to leave the house of her parents to live with her husband and In Laws. In case it is a love marriage, you may be relaxed to the extent that you know your husband quite well and you gradually adjust with the other family members. It gets worse in case of an arranged marriage where you have to solve the complete puzzle on your own. Discuss with your parents to arrange some brief meetings with the other family so that you get a chance to know them better than mere a single meeting of serving tea and getting a glimpse of your to be husband. Remember that you are no longer living in the 70s or 80s. You have the right to know the people with whom you shall be living a major part of your life.

Couple Dance

You always loved to dance but now you are being told to sit like a traditional Pakistani bride. Once again, don’t let others dictate your day as you are going to lament it afterwards when you had the chance and were ready for it. If you have prepared a performance for the occasion, just do it. You would love to see it whenever you show the wedding video to your friends and relatives.

The Few Critics

Despite the appreciation from many of your close friends, there would be few dementors who would love to suck all the happiness out of you as they find pleasure in hurting other people. Don’t pay any heed to these ignorant fools or their opinion. It is your day and you are the star.

Don’t Act; Be Yourselfpersonal hygiene, enjoying yourself, Crash dieting

As a new Pakistani bride, you will get a detailed list of instructions regarding the manner in which a bride ought to behave at the wedding reception. If you are okay with the things mentioned then there is nothing to worry. However, if you have to deviate from your usual self. Then it is better to take a stand against these rigorous sets of instructions because you will not be able to enjoy the occasion. Instead, your only worry would be behaving in accordance with the provided rules and regulations. It is not an office and you are not here for an interview. Just enjoy the occasion as all eyes are on you.