Patriarchy vs Matriarchy: Pros and Cons

Patriarchy vs Matriarchy, women empowerment, motherhood

If you know about different cultures, you would be aware of the varying social systems. History shows the existence of a system governed by women, respected by all genders. This situation is Matriarchy. But, the tide started to shift towards male dominance. The governance of a social group, community, and state is patriarchy. People expect […]

MNCs vs Startups: What Gen Z is Choosing Between the Two?

MNCs vs Startups, small business, startup pakistan

MNCs vs Startups: What do you think Gen Z is choosing? Let’s find out in this article. What are MNCs? MNC stands for Multinational Company or Corporation. By definition, a company that operates outside its home country to carry out business services or goods is defined as a multinational company. In detail, a company has […]

The Desi Dad Syndrome that Every Middle Class Kid Can Relate to

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A typical Pakistani Desi dad is mostly seen as a tyrant, disciplinarian, and practical man who most often has issues with everything his children do. The Pakistani Desi father is meant to be feared. Desi Fathers are the kind of breadwinners who think housework and nurturing of the kids are not their domain. With the […]