Kids’ fashion has come a long way. Not only are today’s children more fashion-forward than ever before, but parents are also more invested in ensuring that their kids look great. Today’s modern kids are wearing more playful, fashionable and stylish designs that are sure to stand out. From graphic t-shirts to trendy jogger pants, the kidswear brands in Pakistan offer something for every style and budget. Whether they’re heading out to school or just hanging out with friends, kids want to look good and feel comfortable in their clothing.

Kidswear in Pakistan

Bright colors and bold patterns are popular trends this season when it comes to kidswear brands in Pakistan. Kids can express themselves through fun patterns like animal prints or bright florals on tops, skirts, trousers and accessories like backpacks or scarves. In addition, layering is another great way for kids to stay warm while also looking cool; think jackets over hoodies or chunky sweaters over t-shirts for a unique look that stands out from the crowd.

The demographic change in Pakistan has caused parents to follow new fashion trends and styles when buying clothes for their kids. Moreover, the growth of e-commerce websites, along with brick-and-mortar stores have made it easier for parents to shop for their children’s clothing needs. There is now a wide variety of options available when it comes to choosing from various designs and colors. Parents can choose from traditional ethnic wear such as shalwar kameez or western wear such as jeans and t-shirts which are popular among kids today.

Whether you’re shopping for a special occasion or just want to spruce up your little one’s wardrobe, there are plenty of kidswear brands in Pakistan available these days.

Best International Kidswear Brands in Pakistan

International Fashion, Kidswear brands, Clothing brands

The clothing market in Pakistan has seen unprecedented growth over the past few years, with both local and international brands vying for attention. While some parents choose to buy clothes from local stores, others choose global brands because they perceive them to offer better quality and more stylish options.

International kidswear brands have made their way into the hearts of Pakistani shoppers through their trendy designs and exceptional customer service. These brands bring a wealth of variety to the market. They offer fun colors, premium fabrics, and unique styles which give kids a chance to experiment with fashion at a young age. Furthermore, these global labels often collaborate with celebrities and influencers who further drive up demand among consumers looking for fashionable options.

Some of the most popular international kidswear brands in Pakistan include:


International Fashion, Kidswear brands, Hopscotch

The iconic Pakistani brand Hopscotch is the perfect place for parents to go shopping for kidswear. The store caters to children aged 0-14 years, with a separate section for infants. It has categories by age. Mini boys and mini girls section provides a wide range of clothing options for kids aged 0-6 years, while the 6-14 section offers an even wider selection for grownup kids. Shopping at Hopscotch allows parents to choose from western as well as traditional eastern variety of clothes. 

The store has something special in store even for very young ones as they can find everything from comfortable sleepwear to gorgeous party dresses. Hopscotch also carries accessories such as hats and socks, making it a one stop shop when it comes to buying kidswear in Pakistan. Moreover, their prices are very reasonable so that every parent can afford to dress their little ones in style!

Hopscotch, the renowned international kidswear brand, has now made its way to Pakistan. Hopscotch promises to bring great quality clothing for children at affordable prices ranging between Rupees 1,000 and 5,000. The brand brings with it a vast collection of stylish and trendy attire that is sure to delight parents as well as their little ones. In addition to experts in the fashion industry designing this collection, it also guarantees durability and comfort for your child’s everyday wear.

The online store allows you to shop from anywhere in Pakistan without worrying about shopping from a physical store or having limited access due to geographic location. Moreover, customers can use the filter options available on their website in order to narrow down their search for the perfect outfit for their little one according to age group, type of apparel and price range etc.

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Junaid Jamshed Kids (J. Kids)

International Fashion, Kidswear brands, Junaid Jamshed Kids (J. Kids)

J. was founded in 2002 with the original mission of preserving the nation’s cultural heritage and popularising Shalwar Kameez. It quickly rose to the top of South East Asia’s most well-known and recognizable clothing brands. It has increased the number of outlets in its nationwide network to over 100. J. has increased his global reach by opening 20 new locations, among them in the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UAE, and Qatar.

J. is a complete apparel brand that has become immensely popular among its customers for its wide range of stylish and affordable kidswear, traditional Pakistani clothing, shalwar kameez, Kameez sharara sets and sherwanis. With each passing season, J. is pushing the boundaries of fashion with its creative designs and premium quality clothing. 

The label has something to offer for every occasion from wedding ceremonies to dinners or even everyday wear. Whether you are looking for festive colors or subtle tones, classic cuts or contemporary styles – J. has it all! In addition to ready-to-wear collections, the brand also offers a custom tailoring service in order to ensure that customers get exactly what they need. As a result of this dedication towards providing high-quality products with exceptional customer service – J.


Khaadi, International Fashion, Kidswear brands

Khaadi, one of the biggest brands in Pakistan, has been a pioneer in the clothing industry since 1998. Founded by Shamoon Sultan, Khaadi began as an exclusive luxury brand that has since become known for its signature hand-woven fabrics and ready-made apparel. With over 200 stores in 15 countries, the brand has established itself as a go-to choice for fashion-forward men, women and children. In the late 2000s, Khaadi decided to expand its offerings to include a kid’s collection. 

The Kid’s Collection focuses on delivering quality products specifically tailored to young children, featuring unique styles and designs that distinguish themselves from other more generic options in the market. The brand drew inspiration from Shamoon’s own daughter, with the hope that she could express her creativity and individuality through her wardrobe choices. The collection features everything from traditional eastern patterns and colors to modern western styles – all designed with kids in mind.

For young girls, Khaadi offers an extensive range of apparel which includes kurtas & shalwar kameez, dresses, tunics & blouses and tights. Meanwhile, boys can choose from polo shirts, tees, button downs and chinos as well as jeans and shorts in additionto kurtas & shalwar kameez. These pieces are meticulously crafted with a keen eye for detail, incorporating vibrant colors or classic prints to produce styles that truly set them apart. As part of their dedication to quality craftsmanship, each item is thoughtfully constructed with the customer’s comfort in mind, ensuring that they can maintain a stylish appearance while enjoying comfort throughout the day.


Breakout, International Fashion, Clothing brands

Since 2010, Breakout has stood for style and excellence. Breakout bases its operations on originality, responsibility, and a nod to New York’s gritty fashion.

Simple elegance, genuineness, and carefree lifestyles are the brand’s basic ideals. The informal tailoring, built-to-last quality, selection of natural fibres, and ethical production practises are all examples of these wonderful qualities. By utilising market dynamics and innovation in colours, high-end materials, and shapes and portraying them in a casual, relaxed, and comfy way, Breakout strives to be the ideal casual apparel label with an amazing price-value offer. Breakout provides each piece of apparel the utmost thought in terms of fabric selection, fitting, and impeccable quality.

Breakout is a trendy, contemporary children’s clothing store that offers parents an array of fashionable options for their kids. The store specializes in western wear for ages 5-12, but also provides stylish and age appropriate clothing for infants and toddlers aged 0-4. Breakout has something to offer everyone, from the graphic tees to distressed jeans for the younger trendsetters. 

The selection at Breakout is vast; they carry everything from shorts and t-shirts to sweaters and overalls, as well as shoes and accessories. With such a wide variety of items available, shopping here won’t be difficult or tedious; you’ll be sure to find something perfect no matter what your child’s style may be.

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Leisure Club

Leisure Club, International Fashion, Kidswear brands

Since 1997, Leisure Club has been a leader in the kidswear fashion industry. Their commitment to sustainable fashion and timeless designs has kept them at the forefront of style for over two decades. Their clothing is designed with comfort in mind, but also reflects an attention to detail that makes their garments stand out from the rest. They take great care in sourcing quality fabrics and ensuring their production processes are as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Leisure Club’s unique approach to children’s fashion is evident in their beautiful, classic pieces that can be worn time and time again. From snug sweaters to airy dresses, they have something for every occasion and every season. Each garment is carefully crafted with durable materials that will last through years of growth spurts and wash cycles without ever losing its shape or color.

Leisure Club is on a mission to combine sustainable fashion with high quality materials and beautiful designs. It is determined to create stylish and modern collections that don’t compromise on sustainability or comfort. The store offers a wide variety of clothes for infants, children, and teens at great prices. Parents can find fashionable clothing that their children will love without breaking the bank. The Leisure Club selection includes stylish tops, bottoms, and dresses. Kids can also select from a range of shoes to match with all kinds of outfits. The collection comes in a variety of colors so kids can express themselves through their style choices. 

Minnie Minors

Minnie Minrs, International Fashion, Kidswear brands

Minnie Minors, the leading Pakistani kidswear brand is a one-stop shop for all your children’s fashion needs. With its range of fun, stylish and comfortable clothing that is made to last, it provides both Eastern and Western attire catering to infants through to young teens. Whether you are looking for a special occasion outfit or simply something that’s right on trend; Minnie Minors prides itself on providing quality garments with an emphasis on comfort and durability.

The brand also offers unique prints and designs in vibrant colors so your little ones can look their best while feeling great! Their customer service team is always ready to help you with any questions you may have about sizes, styles, or fabrics, so you can find the perfect fit for your child. Their versatile collection includes comfy everyday essentials, chic casuals, and trendy sportswear to ensure that your little one always dresses to impress. Parents can also indulge in festive party bling for any special occasion that may arise. 

Minnie Minors is also famous for its excellent range of accessories. They design stylish and trendy products to keep young fashionistas looking cool and in-style. Parents love the Minnie Minors collection for its classic designs with a modern twist and the quality fabrics used to make each piece.

Parents can also double the cuteness factor of their babies’ wardrobe by purchasing items from Minnie Minors’ baby wear range. They have created collections that feature beautiful prints along with unique detailing. The comfort factor has not been compromised either as each item of clothing is made from premium cotton so it feels amazing against your baby’s delicate skin. With the fashionable yet practical solutions from Minnie Minors, dressing up your kids has never been easier!


International Fashion, Clothing brands, Mothercare

Mothercare is a British company that provides excellent quality kidswear products for moms-to-be and new moms. With a focus on soft, reliable, and durable materials, the company ensures that each product will last long after the first use. For mothers who want to ensure their little ones are always comfortable and safe while they get used to being in the world, Mothercare provides clothes made with natural fibers that are gentle against sensitive skin. 

Mothercare’s collection of items will make sure your little one has everything needed for a safe journey from birth through childhood.

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Rollover Kids Company

International Fashion, Clothing brands, Rollover Kids Company

Rollover is a children’s clothing line that aims to deliver charming, lively, and fashionable prints to enable making your fantastic journey as a parent even more spectacular. Every item in its collection, from exquisite embroidery to first-rate printing, is crafted with care to support youngsters in celebrating the wonder of childhood.

It offers a wide selection of tops, shirts, and t-shirts, dresses, shorts, jeans, pants, tights, outerwear, ethnic clothing like shalwar kameez and kurtis, as well as winter clothing like sweaters, sweatshirts, and hoodies. It’s the economical kids apparel company that all mothers can rely on, offering modern styles, high-quality materials, and enjoyable designs.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, shopaholics have a lot of great options when it comes to kidswear brands in Pakistan. From traditional Pakistani designs to leading international fashion brands, there’s something for every kid and budget. The choices are vast and varied, as well as stylish and affordable. Parents have the opportunity to choose the best clothing for their children that will provide comfort, durability and style. Shopping for kids’ clothes doesn’t have to be overwhelming when you know where to look.