Pakistani fashion industry is one of the most creative and vibrant in the world. The fashion industry is known for its unique style and design. It has a long history of producing some of the most beautiful and stylish clothes. Pakistani designers are known for their creativity and innovation. From the traditional shalwar kameez to contemporary Western wear, Pakistani designers are constantly pushing boundaries and creating new looks that appeal to international audiences.

Pakistani brands are coming up with some amazing winter collections this year. Read this article to know more. 

Winter Collection by Pakistani Fashion Industry

The Pakistani fashion industry is supported by a strong textile industry. It produces high-quality fabrics that are used by designers across the country. Pakistan is also home to a number of skilled craftsmen and women. They create beautiful embroidery and other embellishments for clothing.

Pakistan’s fashion industry is thriving, and its designers are some of the most creative in the world. With their unique aesthetic and ability to appeal to global audiences, Pakistani fashion designers are making a big impact on the international fashion scene.

The Pakistani fashion industry is booming with new talent. There are many young designers who are making a name for themselves in the industry. The future of Pakistan fashion looks bright and promising.

Top 10 Pakistani Brands that Offer Amazing Winter Collection

Pakistani Brands, Clothing brands, Winter clothing

When the weather outside is frightful and cold. Make sure your wardrobe is delightful by shopping for the best winter essentials. With winter coming closer, everyone is on the search for clothing to keep warm and look stylish. There are many Pakistani brands that will do just that for you. And they offer styles that you’ll love wearing day after day.

Pakistani brands are coming up with some amazing winter collections this year. The clothes are not only stylish but also very affordable.

So if you are looking for some great winter wear, then Pakistani brands are definitely worth checking out. Some of the top brands include Gul Ahmed, Sana Safinaz, and Maria. B.

Each of these brands has its own unique style and offers something different for everyone. So whether you want something traditional or contemporary. There is sure to be a Pakistani brand that has what you need.


Outfitters is a clothing line that was established in 2003 for the vivacious youth of Pakistan. For those who love expressing themselves through the newest lifestyle trends. Whether they be in fashion, music, technology, or social media.

It provides several product lines for men, women, and juniors in order to meet all market segments’ needs. It offers a wide range of products within each line. These cater to a wide range of various styles and preferences, from athleisure clothing to more casual, everyday attire and basic apparel.

Outfitter is a one-stop high-street shop for all of your western wear wardrobe needs thanks to its extensive selection of footwear, accessories, and fragrances.

Outfitters has consistently been able to offer the best clothes. It’s because of a distinct and adaptable business plan that is willing to evolve with the seasons. A bright, vibrant, and expressive collection results from its ability to quickly adapt to major trends and translate them into wearable fashion.

It has stores and outlets in all major cities of Pakistan, including Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Hyderabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Rahim Yar Khan, Jehlum, Peshawar, Gujrat, Gujranwala, Quetta, Abbottabad, Sahiwal, Sargodha, Sialkot, Taxila, Bahawalpur, and Mardan.

The collection includes an amazing variety of shirts, T-shirts, suits, polos, trousers, jeans, sweatshirts and Hoodies. It also offers sweaters and cardigans, jackets, dresses, skirts, blouses, and jumpsuits. You can also find shoes and accessories for men, women and children. You’ll be awed by the huge collection and quality offered by Outfitters.


Khaadi, Winter clothing, Pakistani brands

In Karachi, Pakistan, 25-year-old Shamoon Sultan launched the first Khaadi store. This trailblazing, unwavering nationalist, yearning for the archaic technique of hand weaving fabric, had the concept for a business like Khaadi. Initially, Khaadi was a line of kurtas in simple colors for males. Khaadi quickly challenged the current situation and made a strong claim. A modest men’s Kurta was transformed into an unabashed fashion statement by Saira Shamoon. She applied her talent and splashed a brilliant color palette over each garment.

By 2002, it was producing women’s clothing. Shortly after, it advanced into producing women’s luxury wear with the launch of Khaadi Khaas in 2008. Khaadi became a major retail brand in 2012 after deciding to adapt to its customers and introducing vibrant grass prints. This time, rather than a specialized market, there are many different types of Pakistani clients.

Khaadi is versatile and always transforming, advancing, and evolving. The knowledge that the brand must adapt to evolving consumer wants, lifestyle choices, and of course the environment, is what spurs on this logical progression.

It offers a 3 Piece Fabrics collection including Luxury Full Suits, printed full suits, and embroidered full suits. There is also a 2 Piece Fabrics collection of embroidered kameez dupatta, embroidered kameez pants, printed kameez dupatta, and printed kameez pants. Further, it has to offer its 1 Piece Fabrics collection of Mix & Match,  and printed kameez. 

It also offers ready-to-wear clothing, with Eastern Pret consisting of embroidered kurtas, printed kurtas, basic kurtas, and dupatta. The Western attire offered by Khaadi includes tops, bottoms, outerwear, sweatshirts, bottoms & separates, tights, pants, It also has a beautiful collection of Stoles.

Gul Ahmed

Gul Ahmed’s tale is the history of textiles in the Indian subcontinent. In the early 1900s, the group started doing textile trade. The group entered the industrial industry by establishing the legendary Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Ltd. of today (GTM).

You may find a wide choice of fashion lines at Ideas by Gul Ahmed. These are prêt wear, unstitched clothing (for men and women), polo shirts, formal and semi-formal wear (for men), and the varied selection of casual as well as formal wear (for women).

The high-end G.prêt clothing, Chantilly Chiffon, Chairman Latha (for men), Digital-print Kurtis, Accessories (shoes and purses), Home Items (bedding, pillows, and bath items), and many other new trends have been launched by Gul Ahmed over the years. Their designs have a rich history and are both fashionably modern and timeless.

Their creativity and adherence to ethical business practices have helped Gul Ahmed become one of the top clothing brands in Asia today. Gul Ahmed not only offers stylish clothing at a low price. But it also satisfies a variety of client needs by providing a wide range of merchandise.

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Gul Ahmed has launched several collections that are loved by all. Firstly it includes the capsule collections of Cambric Pre-Fall, Regalia, Nobahar, Rang, Nayab, and Kantha. Secondly, Gul Ahmed has its Winter collection of Winter Basics. Third is its Ideas Pret collection consisting of solids, digital and embroidered fabrics, suits, semi-formals, formals, and trousers. Fourth is the stitched collection containing kurtis and suits. The Salt collection consists of tops, bottoms, sweaters, jackets, shawls, stoles, and lounge wear. Another collection is Kaaj that offers beautiful kurtis.

For men, Gul Ahmed has the Western collection consisting of dress shirts, casual shirts, polos, tees, smart casual shirts, dress pants, Khakis, jeans, sweaters, jackets, hoodies and sweatshirts. The Eastern collection has kurtas, suits, waistcoats, and ethnic bottoms. The Easy Wear collection offers beautiful lounge wear. While the unstitched collection includes chairman latha, blacks, whites, Boski, classic, x series, and winter fabrics.

Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz, Pakistai brands, winter collections

A component of SSFR (PVT.) LIMITED is Sana Safinaz. Sana Safinaz is one of the most prominent and varied fashion labels in Pakistan. Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer launched it in 1989. In all of their business and creative pursuits, Sana Safinaz is a true trailblazer and innovator. It has raised the bar for the Pakistani fashion industry. Pret, Diffusion, and Bridal Couture ranges of clothing are just a few examples of the clothing collections.

Pret, Diffusion, and Bridal Couture categories of clothing are just a few examples of the clothing collections. On the apparel side, you’ll find the company’s most recent foray into retail. It is one of the top luxury retailers that provides cutting-edge designs for the modern woman in addition to attractive ready-to-wear & fashion materials that are elegantly designed and embroidered.

In 2013, a network of Sana Safinaz retail stores began to develop around Pakistan, offering the newest in fashionable ready-to-wear apparel with both western and eastern aesthetics, in addition to unstitched designs, accessories, and footwear.

Sana Safinaz has a wide variety of fashion products and clothing options for you to try this winter. You can get stitched, unstitched and ready to wear clothing at Sana Safinaz. It offers the Nura Festive collection, luxury lawn, Malaysia winter collection, luxury winter shawls and velvet, Kurnool, Mullin winter collection, and Woven collection. You can also find silk tunics, Mahay, black and gold, and capsules in its unstitched winter collection. Further it offers Couture including its Afghan collection, Chinese, Pastel, Diffusion, Raya, Melange, Mangata, Kenya, Kaira, Anaya, and Jollie collections.

Cross Stitch

One of the best retail brands in the nation, Cross Stitch specialises in fabrics and prêt. The business derived its name from the traditional cross-stitching method and improved it to produce countless, exquisite designs based on the age-old art form. The brand offers ready-to-wear and embroidered event clothes by fusing traditional thread work with modern trends, colors, and styles.

Cross Stitch has broadened the scope of its creative output to include contemporary digital silk prints and a lawn collection. In order for customers to make trends rather than follow them, the patterns and color scheme are in accordance with each season’s popular themes. The lawn collection presents a fiesta for the modern woman to wear and enjoy each year.

It offers new designs in embroidered chiffon, lawn, Swiss voile, karandi and cotton satin every season. The digital print seasonal collections are also available in the same range of fabrics. Beyond fabrics is the prêt range: printed crepe, embroidered premium collection and embroidered seasonal collection. Cross Stitch is constantly evolving in an effort to keep customers well-heeled.

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Every few weeks, Cross Stitch rolls out new varieties to give customers more options. It’s a retail brand that demonstrates a high level of aesthetic sophistication, which sets Cross Stitch apart and in line with high-end designer clothing while providing greater value. With locations in all of Pakistan’s major cities, Cross Stitch plans to move on to smaller ones, and worldwide expansion is also planned. 

The winter collection of Cross Stitch includes beautiful shawls, Boskis, Pashmina wool, stitched and unstitched 3 piece suits, lawns, linens and men’s suits. The entire collection is colorful, and of superior quality. They also offer extravagant accessories to match with your winter attire.

Bonanza Satrangi

Bonanza Satrangi, Clothing, Brands

With more than 40 years of expertise, Bonanza keeps up its tradition of giving customers premium fabric, great value, and cutting-edge clothing. It all started in 1976 when Bonanza introduced ready-made winter attire, mainly knits for men, women, and children, at a time when the garment industry was yet to reach its full potential. From that point on, Bonanza rose to prominence and earned a reputation as the industry leader in terms of attention to detail when it comes to producing ready-made clothing.

Bonanza is a huge textile behemoth in Pakistan nowadays, with more than 80 locations. However, Bonanza also ventured into developing its exclusive women’s clothing line Satrangi in 2012 after analyzing the industry potential among clothing brands for women. Satrangi has since grown to be a one-stop fashion solution for Pakistani women. As a result, it started going by the name Bonanza | Satrangi.

The umbrella brand has been explicitly split into two: Satrangi sells women’s pret, unstitched clothing, and accessories, and Bonanza sells men’s formal clothing, knits, and ethnic wear.

Bonanza offers a huge collection of stitched and unstitched clothing for both men and women. The major collections include the Chikankari collection, Tehwar, Ronaq, Chaap, Rang Kahani, and Bunai Jacquard collections. It has a beautiful winter collection of unstitched and ready to wear cotton, chikankari and khaddar. Moreover, for men it offers elegant waistcoats, kurta shalwar, and shalwar suits that suit the male persona.


Alkaram, clothing brands, winter collection

Alkaram Textile Mills, the holding company of Alkaram Studio, was established in 1986 under the direction of its founder, first-generation businessman Mr. Fawad Anwer. For more than 35 years, Alkaram Textile Mills has maintained its commitment to providing advanced textile solutions across the globe.

With the opening of its first location in 2010, Alkaram Studio debuted as a fashion retail brand, beginning the adventure with its alluring unstitched category. Alkaram Studio has grown over the years by incorporating a variety of other categories, including a women’s ready-to-wear line, men’s fabrics and ready-to-wear, home textiles, a kids’ collection, MAK, accessories, and footwear.

Alkaram Studio has established itself as one of the top brands in Pakistan’s trendy apparel market with a network of over 50 retail locations around the country. It creates chic lifestyles for modern people by providing exceptional customer service based on quality, eclecticism, and innovation.

Alkaram has an amazing unstitched festive and silver collection for its customers. You can find 3 piece embroidered and printed fabrics, 2 piece shirt trousers pairing and shirt dupatta pairs. There is also a 1 pice collection where you can buy a single shirt, dupatta or trousers of your choice. The MAK fabrics by Alkaram has a festive, winter and glitch collection. In its Eastern pret, you can find printed, embroidered and formal clothing. You can buy bottoms like trousers, shalwars, and leggings, beautiful dupattas and shawls, sweaters, stoles and scarves. You can also shop for ready to wear fabrics and accessories that suit your taste.


Maria’s sole goal when she founded Maria.B. in 1999 was to offer ready-to-wear clothing that conveyed an exquisite blending of eastern and western. The company initially had one retail location and a minimal stitching unit. Today, Maria.B. is Pakistan’s most varied designer fashion brand, offering prêt a porter, couture, formal dress, lawn, embroidered fabrics, linen, and cottons all under one budget-friendly label.

The company also boasts a vast retail network, with 25 locations in 12 diverse cities across the nation, including both standalone stores and mall locations. It also exports to countries like India, the UK, the USA, Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar.

Maria.B. offers an exclusive unstitched collection of Chiffon, velvet, M. Luxe Fabrics, Mbroidered, silk net, lawn, linen, silk, M. Prints, and Sateen. Further, it has a Basic collection of shirts, bottoms, scarves, dupattas, and 2 piece clothes. It also offers ready-to-wear evening wear, casuals and clothing for kids.


Sapphire West, Pakistani clothing, Brands

Sapphire is a well-known high-street brand that was launched by one of the biggest names in the clothing business. It is praised for fusing 100% sheer fabric with an avant-garde design aesthetic to produce designer clothing at a reasonable cost. Everyone can find something in its apparel selection, which includes casual attire, formal wear, party wear, silk tunics, scarves, and unstitched fabric. The main idea behind the collections is to make designer clothing accessible to everyone.

This one-of-a-kind retail brand has made a breakthrough thanks to the marriage of excellent design and premium materials. Sapphire has become a household name and a symbol of excellence thanks to its dedication to high-quality fabric over the years.

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Sapphire has an exotic collection of stitched, unstitched and ready-to-wear fabrics for men, women, and kids. It offers Acrylic Wool Viscose Shawl, Yarn Dyed Jacquard Acrylic Shawl, Embroidered Khaddi shawl, Blended Zari, Viscose Dobby, Yarn Dyed Khaddi, Zari Khaddar, Silky Khaddar, Dobby Crape, Cotton Karandi, Cotton Satin, Textured Lawn, Blended Chiffon

Dobby, Extra Weft Jacquard, Fine Lawn, Blended Organza, Broche Jacquard, Zari Organza, Bemberg Tissue, Blended Karandi, Blended Net, Textured Voile, Bemberg Crinkle Chiffon, Zari Cotton, among several others. Try any fabric of your choice from the Sapphire winter collection and get ready to be amazed by their product, service and quality.


Charizma Brand, Clothing brands, Winter clothing

Charizma brand’s adventure began in the year 2012. The idea behind “House of Charizma” was to create an embroidery-driven company that could combine comfort and glamor in eastern dresses. It aims to give women who love to flaunt and feel comfortable donning eastern attire, an access to the hottest trends and styles. Keeping this view, the brand set to work on the idea and invited creativity to decorate its carefully chosen fabrics with the tales of the inventive people.

The customers, whether they were in Pakistan or overseas, are immediately drawn to its work because of its originality and elegance in working with both modern and historical embroidery art. There is no turning back after that, and its adventure has enabled it to discover its own potential and surpass itself season after season. For this reason, Charizma has established itself as a high-end fashion brand with a presence not only in numerous Pakistani cities but also on a global scale.

Charizma offers Jacquard Embroidered, Polly Chiffon, Mah-e-Noor, Qara, Reem, Swiss Voil, C-Print, Print Melody, and Nazneen as part of its unstitched collection. It also has ready-to-wear clothing including Print Melody, Plain Game, Niche, Mi-Amor, Statement, Luxury, Ornament, and Teens collection. Further, you can shop for your kids to style them with Charizma’s latest outfits.

In conclusion, Pakistani brands offer an amazing winter collection that is both stylish and affordable. With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, there is something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and treat yourself to a new winter wardrobe today.

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