You might have come across thousands of real estate agencies who are making ends meet by dealing in property. Many agents are working under these companies. Even those who are working independently are making big bucks from the commission they get. We all know there is always big money involved in property dealing. Especially, in these times when prices of the lands in Pakistan are touching the sky. Keeping all this in view, a platform saw the opportunity and leveraged technology to be a prime dealer in properties. The emerging online platform goes by the name JagahOnline. 

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What is JagahOnline?rent property, property technology, Property Purchase

JagahOnline is an online platform where anyone can find their desired lands, properties, or houses to rent, buy and sell. A listing marketplace that lists all the brokers and real estate companies. In layman’s terms, it is an online broker between buyer and seller. Like OLX, where you can buy and sell anything, JagahOnline offers you the same deal. The only difference is that it is specific to properties while OLX is open to everything.

Emerging Technology in Real Estate

Technology is emerging in every aspect. Businesses are leveraging it to modify their business operating system to reach more audiences. Property dealing, in the same way, has started to use technology to connect more people online where they can view properties.

Even today, property dealing through agents and companies that have established setups is very common. When it comes to investing big bucks in property, people tend to trust companies with physical existence more.

As we are moving forward with digital technology, business owners have found ways to give voice to their setups over digital media. Like many other organizations, real estate agencies have been leveraging social media to enhance their reach.

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How Does JagahOnline Standout?property place, property portal, online portal

There are not one but many factors that make JagahOnline one of a kind. So, let’s go through some of the top reasons that make it unique.

1. One of the First Online Real Estate Portal

Jagahonline is one of the first online real estate portals where you can search for your desired piece of land. Most of the real estate companies and agents are using social media or their websites where they promote particular areas that are for sale. JagahOnline however has managed to develop an online portal, working as a broker to help people buy and sell properties.

2. Open to Any Location in Pakistan

It helps you find any property in any place you are looking for. Therefore, the portal is not limited to any one city or province of Pakistan. It is open to every corner of the country. Its huge database makes it more appealing to those searching for properties in a different part of the country.

3. Budget Cap

The portal allows you to set a budget for yourself from minimum to maximum. It then helps you to find properties as per your budget plan.

4. Products and ServicesProperty Rentals, real estate portal, handymen service

One of the unique features of JagahOnline is that it provides you with the options of different services and products. So, all the services or products that you may need for your property maintenance are available on the portal.

From gardener to handyman, JagahOnline has got you covered. So, if you need someone to renovate your house or if you need to redo your kitchen, JagahOnline is the place you can start your quest at. You can find these services under the option of ‘Ustad’ on the main screen.

5. Blogging Area

That is right. Although it is a marketplace for real estate, JagahOnline does provide you a separate panel where you can read blogs.

6. News Room

You can find updated news related to Pakistan and its current affairs on the site.

It helps you with the insights that you may need to absorb while looking into properties. You can find any additional promotional program that the government may run for properties in the highlights in the news area.

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7. Helps New Businesses

Jagah Online helps promote new business by bringing them opportunities to sell their expertise or products on the platform. The platform promotes the idea of businesses going digital.

It welcomes every real estate agent, broker, property business owner, and every ‘Ustad and Karigars’ on the platform to offer their services.

JagahOnline connects everyone on one platform who connects to a property in any regard. Everyone comes together under an umbrella. The buyer meets the seller, the serviceman finds opportunities, and business owners leverage this online platform to enhance their business. It will not be an exaggeration to say that the portal has built an online one-stop shop for everyone who is looking for a property or services for a property.