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Paklaunch brings a virtual conference – “Pakistani Startups: The Next Big Thing” which will be streamed live on September 8th, 2021 at 9 PM PST. The theme of the conference, in the wake of recent thrive in the local Pakistani startup ecosystem, brings on the discussion – Why are major global investors excited about this untapped startup ecosystem? 

The conference would be 90 minutes long in which tier 1 venture firms will talk about why they are investing in the Pakistani startup ecosystem. Speakers and panelists will be highlighting and discussing various ways through which Pakistani entrepreneurs will be able to create companies and bring innovation in sectors such as financial service, education, and healthcare and attract investment from global VCs.

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Pakistan has seen tremendous growth in the local startup ecosystem with more funding coming in just 8 months than the previous 5 years combined.

Paklauch was started by a GIKI graduate, Aly Fahd. Aly has been in the USA for the past 20 years. Paklauch was only launched a year ago by Aly and some of his friends from GIKI.

This mission by Paklaunch is to bring in knowledge and investment from all Pakistanis working around the globe to Pakistan and to create a sense of community among Pakistan’s top talent.

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“I have been away for quite some time and I have witnessed Pakistan as a brand taking a heavy beating and I have not seen anyone taking the charge to change that or any role model to whom talented people could look up to and take inspiration”, said Aly.

Aly speaks about the upcoming conference on 8th Sep 2021 “ Through the conference, we would like to show that Pakistan is ready to do amazing things and we are ready for investments, don’t give up on us”.

The conference would include 15 global VCs speaking, three emerging Pakistani founders named unicorns, and the panel from the eCommerce group called enablers. President Alvi is expected to join the conference as well.

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The host intends to keep the conference short and interesting while making sure that it makes a huge impact on the minds of stakeholders.

Seats can be reserved using this link: Paklaunch – Connecting Pakistani talent across the globe