Top 10 AR & VR Pakistani Startups You Must Follow

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies have been widely adopted in many industries as they provide immersive experiences. Chiefly, AR & VR startups are used to create digital environments that simulate physical scenarios, allowing users to interact with the environment from a first-person perspective. These two technologies offer unique experiences for their users […]

Top 10 Pakistani Startups in Education

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The most invested startups are small businesses and schools as both can have a firm grip and ground. Small businesses are easy to manage and a new investor can gain experience from doing so. Educational institutions on the other hand can also be beneficial as they can allow new investors to understand team management, finance […]

Pakistani Startup Safepay Receives Pilot Approval From State Bank of Pakistan

Pakistani Startup, Safepay, State Bank of Pakistan

Introduction to SafePay Safepay is a new finance and consultancy application for the business community of Pakistan. It’s a remarkable application that can provide a single payment product that is compatible with local and global payment options. It currently holds a target of serving the Pakistani and nearby economies. This provides the citizens of Pakistan […]

Pakistan’s EdTech Startup Outclass Raises $500,000 Investment

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Outclass was established in March 2016 with the aim of providing free online educational content for students and teachers in Pakistan and all around the world. Pakistan’s EdTech Startup “Outclass” This website offers high quality learning resources including educational video lectures, games, and tests which are all free for students. In addition to the website, […]

Taleemabad – An EdTech Educational System Revolutionizing The Industry With its Learning Management System

Taleemabad, EdTech , LMS

Taleemabad is an award-winning EdTech firm dedicated to providing high-quality education through technology. It has already reached 9 million youngsters with video content created in accordance with Pakistan’s national curriculum. Taleemabad has unveiled its Learning Management System and Pakistan’s First Teacher Application in an effort to modernise current schools and provide world-class education to all […]

Markaz Technologies Raises $2.4 Million in Seed Funding

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Markaz Technologies is a new firm situated in Islamabad with a group of dynamic young people who are determined to deliver quality to micro-entrepreneurs. The startup just announced its receipt of $2.4 million in initial capital. Markaz Technologies was established in the year 2021. Shoaib Khan, Fawad Hussain, Sameel Hayat, and Umair Aslam, the founders, […]

Pakistan’s Abhi Raises $17 Million in Series A Funding

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In recent months, Pakistan’s startup ecosystem has gotten a lot of attention. The data provided by the Karachi-based Alpha Beta Core, an early investment tech business, indicated the country’s startups raised a record amount in the first nine months of 2021, with investments totaling over $305 million. Abhi, a Pakistan-based advance pay platform, raised $17 […]

Connecting Pakistan To The World With Invest In Pakistan Forum 2022

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Pakistani Startups are preparing for facilitating the biggest occasion in the history of Silicon Valley. Pakistan continues to strengthen its position in Silicon Valley to make a professional stand that will help the country become a global technology. Invest In Pakistan Forum 2022 is happening on Sunday, May 15 at 09:00 AM PDT at Plug […]

K-Startup Grand Challenge 2022 is Back With its Seventh Edition

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The Korean government is hosting the event in Pangyo Techno Valley where 60 startups will participate. The purpose of a more meaningful life is to contribute to the development of our society by providing value through solving people’s problems in the field that we are passionate about. As a way to find such a purpose […]

US-based Tofino Capital to Invest in Pakistan’s Startup Using $10M Fund

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Tofino Capital, an early-stage venture capital firm that says it will focus on emerging countries, has announced the establishment of a $10 million fund, with $5 million already raised. Eliot Pence and Aubrey Hruby were the founders of the business. According to his business description, Pence oversaw global expansion at Anduril Industries. He graduated from […]

Samsung is Aiming for Local Assemblage of the Phones in Pakistan

Pakistan and Samsung have had a firm relationship. The Eco friendly, innovative and sustainable designs of these smartphones are very popular in Pakistan. Samsung has also launched various humanitarian campaigns that help various countries including Pakistan to move towards a better future. Their approach to diversity, flexibility, affordability, and security is what makes them the […]

Step by Step Guide to Verify Your Vehicle in Pakistan

Verify Your Vehicle in Pakistan

There was a time when a vehicle was considered a luxury item. There were a limited number of manufacturing industries in Pakistan. Besides, you ought to keep your car in perfect form with regular maintenance and service. Moving on wards, we can never ignore the annual taxation on an automobile. Still, the scenario has gradually […]

Rider – A Pakistani Startup, Bags $2.3 Million in Seed Funding Round

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Rider is a tech-based Pakistani startup that has become extremely successful in bagging funds. It has gathered 2.3 million dollars through seed funding. This process was led under the Global Founders Capital, Asian Development Bank and Fatima Gobi Ventures. The startup gained success of 93% in the market. The company envisions making the logistics system […]

6 Islamic Texts Encouraging Hard Work, Trade and Business

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We all wish for a life full of luxury and comfort where we are never short of money and can fulfill our dreams. However, Islamic text teaches us to adopt a life based on simplicity and humility. As the real rewards for a pious Muslim are waiting in the life hereafter. Furthermore, there are multiple […]

Roomy Makes Pakistan’s Domestic Travel Look Debonair

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Traveling in Pakistan is an exquisite experience; tourism regarding northern travel in our country has boosted tremendously during the post-vaccination period. The food, the valleys, the culture, the religion and the history awaits tourism, exploration and awareness. The intimidating snow-capped peaks mimic an animated movie scene. The introduction of technology to tourism has significantly increased […] and Extreme Commerce Join Forces to Support Local Micro-Entrepreneurs

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  Shared vision often produces terrific partnerships. The same can be said for Monis Rahman ( and Sunny Ali (Extreme Commerce) as they have joined hands to enable the people of Pakistan to be financially independent and achieve self-sufficiency through digital platforms especially in the field of e-commerce. Sunny Ali’s Extreme Commerce has already enabled […]

Emerging Stand Up Comedians in Pakistan

Stand-Up Comedian, Zaid Ali, saad haroon

The ability to make good jokes, spontaneous humor and brilliant stage theatrics are a few of the most essential ingredients of a good stand-up comedian. Pakistan is blessed with some mind-blowing comedians who always make the audience laugh hard with their fantastic performances. Related: Emerging comedic talent of Pakistan Stand-up Comedians in Pakistan Who Make […]