K-Startup , Seventh Edition, Business

The Korean government is hosting the event in Pangyo Techno Valley where 60 startups will participate.

The purpose of a more meaningful life is to contribute to the development of our society by providing value through solving people’s problems in the field that we are passionate about. As a way to find such a purpose and goal in life, startup activities, which are team projects that solve problems in various fields of interest, are necessary; you can grow as a professional. It is desirable to develop these startup activities through step-by-step verification for target customers by the lean startup method. In addition to this, there is one more important element necessary for successful startup activities, and that is cooperation with startups in related fields.

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We can learn new knowledge through education at school, and through books, we can gain the knowledge and experiences of others. In other words, through education and knowledge, the results obtained by individuals is what makes a difference. Although there is room for numerous trials and errors. The same goes for startups. In startup it is easy to find cases where many startups have already tried to solve similar problems and have vivid experiences and results in the process.

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Therefore, K-Startup is a way to get the help of senior startups who can pass on this trial and error experience in startup activities, and lead faster. K-Startup is crucial in finding cooperative startups that can help immediately in startup activities since startup activities are helpful not only for starting a business but also for finding a job. Moreover, the event offers great benefits from potential investments to getting mentorship from industry experts. With a $320,000 prize, it’s an event you really don’t want to miss. The objective is quite simple; the event is a way to provide startups a platform so they can expand into the Asian market especially South Korea.