From Pakistan’s classical, language, and fashion trends, Nazia Hassan is loved as a performer. Nazia’s very first release consisted of one single musical composition, “Aap Jaisa Koi,” which featured in the 1980 Indian film Qurbani. She was nominated for and won the Filmfare Award for Best Playback Singer at only 15 years of age in 1981.

Nazia became the first Pakistani to win the award at the time. She released her debut album in 1981 which later became an international success, selling more than 35 million copies worldwide. It is the primary song she herself selected for an exclusive entry in the United Kingdom.

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Nazia Hassan: A Queen in Our Little Country

Nazia Hassan, Music, Singer

Nazia utilized her Boom to the tune from the motion picture Star (1982), Young Tarang from 1984, and Hotline in 1987. The final scene of the movie Miss Lovely by Ashim Ahluwalia played the song “Dum Dum Dede” in 2012.


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Daughter of Basir Hassan who was a businessmen, and her mother was a teacher. She has 2 siblings Zohaib Hassan, her brother and Zara Hassan, her sister. Both are singers, however, their musical career hasn’t really had the best of luck. Her family environment was also a typically normal category.

Her husband Mirza Ishtiaq Baig runs a successful business. Although this young lady had voice of a beautiful Nightingale, and got love from all fans. Her husband didn’t duly support her through the obstacles both in her professional and personal life. Consequently, they had a rough marriage. She gave birth to her son Arez Hassan in April 1997.


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Nazia Hassan did her undergraduate program in Economics and Business Administration at Richmond American University. Nadia has also completed Law from London University.

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Nazia Hassan’s Foundation

In 2003, Nazia Hassan’s parents established the Nazia Hassan Foundation to perpetuate their daughter’s efforts to make this world a better place to live for that, particularly for less fortunate people.


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In the 1980s her songs were the hottest sensation every Pakistani felt attraction towards. Her song “Disco Dewane” was a great hit and earned her the reputation which boosted her career. Each of her album’s release broke records especially in India and other countries. She has had global recognition, including the Middle East region and Latin America.

She was among the nominees for “Best Female Singer” at the Filmfare Awards ceremony, and she won the award for her single “Ap Jaisa Koi”. Her third album sold for a greater rate then her first, two albums which also featured in shows such as “Young Tarang”. The third album received praise for being the first album from Pakistan that Kathy Rose of UK produced. The 4th album was at the next level of popularity. Unfortunately, due to her cancer she had to give up on her singing, it didn’t affect her career. Her fame and popularity prevail to this day, with no decline.

Rise to Fame Through Her Words

Nazia Hassan, Legend, Musician

Nazia’s rise to fame and her singing career are a famous memory both for her loved ones and her fans, as well as for the music industry. Her fans still love to see her recorded performances; her music likewise plays throughout Pakistan. Her name gained immense popularity, and she gradually became a known figure worldwide. Nazia’s beautiful gift of singing received recognition throughout Southeast Asia and South Asian countries, owing to her singles which became successful and racked up sales of over millions.

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Her single Dreamer Deewane, which was in English, managed to appear in the British musical charts, earning her the status of being the first Pakistani singer to make that list. She was the youngest Pakistani to win an Academy Award on the Filmfare Awards before age 15, among winning several other awards.

On March 30, 1995, Nazia Hassan was diagnosed with stage IV lymphoma. This nipped her ambition of attaining success and allowed her to focus on her personal life and her child. She was an inspirational individual until the very end of her life, till she died on August 13, 2000, in London. She fought lung cancer for years before her death.

Nazia was an all-rounder, not only a singer, but after her death, she was renowned as a Lawyer, Political analyst, Philanthropist, official cultural ambassador, and UNICEF ambassador. She exemplified a vital contribution to the anti-narcotics campaign through her creation of Camera Camera (1992).

Activist Goals

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Nazia Hassan had been a certified social activist. She used her talents to protect social causes. She worked for the underprivileged, children, and women in Pakistan’s urban areas. In addition, she built the nonprofit organization “Battle Against Narcotics” in Pakistan. Nazia helped to make things affordable for all, from drinking water, to arranging simple medicines for kids. Many of these efforts aimed at providing life-saving services and delivering aid to those who need it most.

Nazia supported all people in need. In 1991, she gained a seat in the UN Security Council at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. In 2004, she worked as an intern in the Women’s International Leadership program. She also worked at UNICEF. She received an academic scholarship to Columbia University’s Leadership Program but she couldn’t join because of her health.


Awards, Nazia Hassan, Musicians

Nazia received a Filmfare Award for Best Actress in the Playback Singer category. In 1983, she was nominated for a second Filmfare Award for Best Female Playback Singer. She has been awarded with the Pride of Performance. It is a prestigious award given to artists who have proven to be role model personalities in her country.

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Her Death

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Nazia Hassan died at age 35 of Lung cancer brought on by the disease in London. Due to the severity of her condition, she was admitted into the ICU of North London Hospice. During the recovery process, there were some signs of hope that disappeared later, and she consequently passed away.

Her funeral was served at Golders Green Crematorium. During a conference with her brother, he disclosed that Nazia passed away because of stress, depression. He added that she was a very sorrowful person. Nazia Hassan will always be remembered for her beautiful and majestic songs, and her helping nature. Her legacy will continue to help bring people together and touch the hearts of many young and old until the end of time.  Her songs will continue to be played and cherished on television and online by generations of all ages.