Free Eye Surgeries in Kabul

Blindness, Colorblind, and cataracts are just a few of the heavy hitters that plague people’s lives. We may not want it, but it still happens. People who have the requirements and the resources to cure themselves get to lead normal lives. But what about the people who can’t even afford to eat or take those long walks and admire the beauty of our planet? The people of Kabul have several patients who are put on long waiting lists with the reassurance that they will be able to see again.

Brave Pakistani Doctors

12 brave and respected doctors from our country have heard their calls to aid and have journeyed to the city of Kabul to perform eye surgeries to aid the needy. The doctors bring with them the latest medical technology in the field of optics to treat each individual’s different case. They also bring medication to ease the pain of post-surgery. This isn’t the first endeavor made by the doctors of our nation to aid the now Taliban-controlled nation of Afghanistan, previously doctors were sent there to aid in the reconstruction of destroyed hospitals in areas where aggression and warfare were on the rise.

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Money Isn’t Everything

The people of Kabul aren’t the wealthiest of individuals, not since the earthquake of June 2022 which shocked Afghanistan to disastrous levels forcing them to seize and lock billions of rupees from the public. The residents had to endure rough conditions and were unable to afford medical and nutritional aid. They had nowhere to go, nor were they provided any housing. Doctors who learned of these conditions announced over 500 free operations to administer surgeries to the entire city. The equipment that was used is worth over 2.5 million rupees which the doctors have stated:

“every rupee counts in this matter”

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