Childhood Obesity Rate in Pakistan

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Childhood obesity is quietly becoming a serious concern in Pakistan, demanding immediate and urgent action. Obesity is marked by excessive fat accumulation that negatively impacts health. It’s more than just an appearance issue; it’s a grave health problem, notably in children. Recent data show childhood obesity rates in Pakistan are rising sharply. Children with obesity […]

Pakistani Doctors to Perform 500 Free Eye Surgeries in Kabul

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Free Eye Surgeries in Kabul Blindness, Colorblind, and cataracts are just a few of the heavy hitters that plague people’s lives. We may not want it, but it still happens. People who have the requirements and the resources to cure themselves get to lead normal lives. But what about the people who can’t even afford […]

Pakistani Scientists Develop Low-cost Anti-bacterial Fabric

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A team of highly skilled and innovative researchers from Pakistan has developed a new anti-bacterial fabric that will revolutionize the cleaning industry. The fabric is appropriately usable for wound dressing, clothes, safety masks, and different types of packing products.  No doubt, this initiative is a game changer as it can protect humans from different diseases […]

Home Remedies That Every Pakistani Mom Swears By

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All desi moms know how much some remedies have soothing virtues. Whether it’s a headache, flu or muscle pain chances are every mom has some sort of homemade cure for it. Home remedies include utilizing food varieties or other family things to forestall and treat ailments or keep up with prosperity. They are utilized around […]

Dr. Mahwish Sharif: The First Deaf Doctor In Balochistan

Dr. Mahwish Sharif, Deaf Doctor, Balochistan

The Balochi language is a Persian language belonging to the Indo-Aryan language group. It is spoken by more than 10 million people in the Balochistan province of Pakistan but not a single school in the Balochistan province has a sign language interpreter. Moreover It is estimated quarter of the deaf population lives in the Balochistan […]

Skin Care Routine on a Budget for Desi Divas

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Hello Desi Divas! We all want flawless skin but that needs effort and care. If you maintain your skin care routine, you will see it glowing throughout the day. Every human being sheds skin cells every day. For replenishing your skin cells, you need to take good care of your skin. Taking good care of […]

Top Health Insurance Companies in Pakistan

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You have gotten yourself so engaged with technology that you totally forgot to give yourself some time to think about it. Whenever you are about to put your phone down on the table, you hear the beep again. You certainly do not wish to miss a message from your beloved or a meeting call from […]

Nutrifactor Signs Up Dr. Sahar Chawla as Brand Ambassador

Nutrifactor, Dr. Sahar Chawla, Brand Ambassador,

Nutrifactor signs up Dr. Sahar as their brand ambassador. This news has a bittersweet reaction by the netizens. The netizens are doubtful regarding the credibility of the brand name, Nutrifactor. On Friday, 8th April 2022, Dr.Sahar Chawla uploaded a picture of her standing right outside the building of Nutrifactor, a well-known vitamin company known for […]

Causes of Stress and Depression Among Teens

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TW: this article contains content related to depression, self harm, suicide and substance abuse.  Teenage depression gets linked with puberty and hormonal changes that come with it. The imbalance of hormones in those times can make you act on your emotions. Also, it can cause regret within which is a common factor that comes with […]

10 Easy To Do Exercises That You Can Do at Home to Stay Fit

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Our body is a blessing that we take for granted sometimes. The human body is composed of thousands of complex structures that we do not fully understand yet. Medical science has explored the best of it and with the help of it, we now know how to take care of our bodies. We do acknowledge […]

Everything You Need to Know About Altered State of Consciousness

Altered State of Consciousness, altered state of mind, mind alteration

You may have heard that the act of dreaming is a result of our subconscious mind. It involves rapid eye movement. Hallucinations, trance, hypnosis, and daydreaming are somewhat related concepts. So, they are all affiliated with our conscious minds. In other words, these notions are an altered state of consciousness. Therefore, it can be spontaneous […]

doctHERS: A Startup Dedicated to Serve Humanity

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doctHERS: Female Doctors Providing Medical Care to People all Over Pakistan doctHERS is a healthcare platform through which female doctors are providing the medical attention required by thousands of underprivileged people who do not get it due to inaccessibility to hospitals and doctors. The doctHERS service is available in both rural and urban areas so […]