A team of highly skilled and innovative researchers from Pakistan has developed a new anti-bacterial fabric that will revolutionize the cleaning industry. The fabric is appropriately usable for wound dressing, clothes, safety masks, and different types of packing products. 

No doubt, this initiative is a game changer as it can protect humans from different diseases by killing bacteria instantly. 

Anti-bacterial Fabric: A Scientific Miracle for Tough Stainsanti-bacterial fabric, Pakistani clothes, clothing brands

The process particularly involves using alkali to modify and activate sites within the fabric. A part of the fabric is dropped into nanoparticles of silver and a sugar substance collected from crabs and lobsters called Chitosan. Upon combination of these two substances, they form an invisible protective layer. As a result, the mixture of chemicals makes a coating that’s deadly to bacteria as the antimicrobial features remove tough stains instantly. Their head researcher stated that compared to other chemicals, which can be hazardous and expensive, the process of creating this layer is much safer and more affordable. This project just requires a set of beakers and specific materials. 

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“Chitosan”, Yes it Sounds Like an Anime Character

Chitosan is a biomaterial, specifically found inside crabs and other crustaceans. It has its use in a variety of medical applications. Excellent biocompatibility and biodegradability are some of the things that it has. The positive ionic charges created on the chitosan’s backbone give the sites for further modifications and immobilization.

“Silver Nanoparticles” Who Says Science can’t be Cool?

One of the most important types of metals in the industry is silver. Silver nanoparticles are one of the emerging materials in scientific research and development. These nanomaterials exhibit large surface areas and tunable particle size, which make them useful for combating bacteria. This combination of two materials could protect us from harmful micro-organisms while not harming us.

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This initiative is a game changer as it can protect humans from different diseases.