All desi moms know how much some remedies have soothing virtues. Whether it’s a headache, flu or muscle pain chances are every mom has some sort of homemade cure for it. Home remedies include utilizing food varieties or other family things to forestall and treat ailments or keep up with prosperity. They are utilized around the world, especially in agricultural nations where 33% of the populace actually need admittance to fundamental medications.

Read this article to learn the secret remedies.

Home Remedies That Pakistani Moms Stand by

While it is critical to guarantee that every single home remedy is a sure way to fix the problem, there are some that are even backed up by science, not just our desi mothers. A couple of small researches have shown that home cures are well known in Pakistan, a country with a populace of 178 million and where a sizeable population needs admittance to allopathic prescriptions. Nonetheless, there are no investigations explicitly zeroing in on the utilization of home remedies and customary medications wellbeing in the country.

Let’s be honest we have all tried a home remedy at some point in our life. Plant-based supplements, essential oils, herbal brews the list goes on. Does no one know why a natural remedy works, Is it a real physical change in the body or a self-influence effect? Fortunately, in the last many years, researchers have been posing similar inquiries in a lab, and are finding that a portion of our plant-based cures isn’t simply ‘old wise’ stories. Regardless of what you’ve seen or listened to talk with your PCP or drug specialist prior to attempting any home cure. With that out of the way let’s talk about some of the home remedies that Pakistani Moms stand by.

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A Fix for Menstrual Cycle-related Pain

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Extract the juice of at least 2 lemons and mix with chilled water and drink every day. This is known to be a very good remedy for young women going through the process of womanhood.

Chronic Head Pains

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Quite a lot of people suffer from daily headaches, some use coffee every morning for relief others just consume a straight pill. But you will be surprised to know that a peeled and chopped apple with a pinch of salt can also solve the problem.

Stomach Bloating

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Some foods just don’t sit right with us. So without knowing what’s in them we consume them. There are also people out there with incredibly sensitive stomachs suffering from acidity and bloating almost every day. If you are one of those people then try this home remedy which is quite famous around the world, not just in Pakistan. Take one and a half spoons of baking soda and mix it up with water and voila in a small out of time all that bloating will be taken care of.

Home Remedy for Dry Coughing

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Some people are sensitive to dirt which can cause a dry cough almost instantly when exposed to it. Maybe you ate something sour or cold which caused you to have a dry cough. It can be quite annoying to bear, not just for you but for people around you as well. So take some basil leaves and boil them on a medium to low flame. Be patient and let the juices of the leaves extract. Then mix some salt in them and gargle for 2 to 3 days for this home remedy for relief.

Chapped Lips and Mouth

The heat inside your body can be a leading factor in dryness around the lips. If not taken care of it can actually get quite worse. Resulting in mouth ulcers and cracked skin. The best home remedy is to take a completely ripped banana and combine it with honey to make a paste then apply it to the affected area.

Stuffy Nose

Ah, the sinus problems you never know when they are coming. A stuffy nose can cause a lot of problems such as headaches and sore throat. So to get some relief you should try this desi solution. Take ½ cup of apple cider vinegar and put a pinch of red pepper powder in it. Then warm it up mildly and drink it before going to sleep. You will see the effects the next morning.

Home Remedy for high blood pressure

As you age problems like diabetes and blood pressure become quite common. High blood pressure can even lead to a stroke. It is recommended by some doctors as well to drink a glass of milk with amla to keep your blood pressure under control.

Best Home Remedy for Asthma Relief

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Breathing difficulties are no joke. Asthma is a disease quite common in obese people but not just limited to them. Children can also become affected by it at a very young age. It can trigger coughing and mucus as well. To deal with this issue a typical Indian remedy that is also common in Pakistan is recommended. Before heading to bed just mix a tablespoon of cinnamon powder and honey and consume it before sleeping.

Dandruff Begone

Dandruff can be pretty bad sometimes causing a snowfall on your shoulders and that is just embarrassing isn’t it. Usually, coconut oil is recommended to deal with dandruff. It is said to control dandruff and improve your scalp quite significantly. But did you know that combining it with an egg and some milk will make the effect even stronger? Of Course, you did because this home remedy is basically the go-to for every Pakistani mom.

Hair Graying

As you age it is obvious you will get gray and white hair. But it can also occur at a young age. Premature white and gray hair can be the worst fear of every youngster. So in order to fix this problem before it gets worse, you need to dry some alma until it literally turns into dust and combines it with Sarson oil. Then apply it to your hair before taking a shower.

Dark Circles

Fatigue, overworking and just a lack of proper food and sleep is a leading causes of dark circles. In order to fix this just take some orange juice and apply it under your eyes then put some cucumber slices on your eyes. This will lighten up your dark circles very fast.

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Not Done Just Yet? Try These Home Remedies! 

The list of home remedies can go on and on. There are more home remedies in the world than you can count. Every country and place has its own variations of remedies. Here are some more home remedies that you can use.

Nausea And Vomiting

If you are suffering from vomiting then it is recommended to slice an onion and eat a piece of it. It is known to be very effective among housewives during pregnancy. If the vomiting is more severe then please go to a hospital.

Joint Pain Relief

We all get tired especially as we get older. The strength we once possessed goes away slowly as time passes by. Muscle and joint pain become quite common as a result so it is said that if you take a couple of leaves of mint and make a mixture with cucumber it actually soothes the muscles.

Insomnia Will Turn into Hypersomnia

The night is here you toss and you turn but nothing helps. You tried every position and angle but you just can’t sleep. Now get up, get some ginger and combine it with some warm water. Go to bed and just let the magic happen. You will be sleeping like a baby.

Rashes on Skin

A hot sunny day can cause a lot of rash on the skin. But even in winter people suffer from rash because bathing with hot water just doesn’t sit right with their skin. So if you are in this situation then take a spoon of turmeric powder and combine it with Sarson oil then gently apply it to your skin to have some instant relief from the godawful rash.

Most Common Home Remedies Used in South Asian Countries

The origin of homemade remedies is usually in rural areas. Because of the lack of medical care people in those areas turn to herbs and fruits to fix their problems. Nature gives us a lot of gifts, even modern medicine is made through ingredients provided by nature. Home remedies are a way of utilizing what you have lying around. Of Course, if the problem you are suffering from is serious then it is advised to seek a doctor. These home remedies are a way for you to experiment. Here are some more home remedies that I’m sure your mom might not even know about.

  1. The cut onion near the bed in case of a cold: because the cut onion releases sulfur compounds with nasal decongestant properties.
  2. Cabbage as a poultice against joint pain: thanks to the sulfur compounds in cabbage which have decongestant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  3. Nettle juice against hair loss: if the fall is linked to seborrhea. If it is due to fatigue and demineralization, nettle should be eaten in soup or puree.
  4. Clove against dental pain: provided you use it for a short time. Eugenol, is phenolic active, is analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, even at very low doses.

So there you go a complete list of home remedies that every Pakistani mom swears by. As they say, the old ones know better. So why not try some of these remedies next time you suffer from any of the problems mentioned above.