Saad Saleem: Improving the Educational System of Pakistan

Saad Saleem, a Karachi born young entrepreneur is all set to open the first ever free O and A Levels’ School for the Pakistani underprivileged children.

Getting to Know Saad Saleem

Born on December 1990, Saad Saleem has made his mark in the field of entrepreneurship at a young age. He is also an enthusiastic trainer, activist and international speaker. The way he turns incidents into lessons and messages is amazing. Not only is he widely appreciated in Pakistan, but his unique theories have been acknowledged and accepted well internationally. He is known for having a personality that technically sound which has been proven from the way he speaks his heart out at various international and national platforms.

Association With High Profile Organizations

Saad Salman has been associated with the following two high profile bodies:

Fashion Network

Fashion Network is a well known international clothing brand run by Saad Saleem. This brand currently functions in Middle East and North America.

Galaxy of Leaders (GOL)

He is the CEO, lead trainer and founder of GOL. This is considered to be amongst the mainstream consultancy, training and event management organizations of Pakistan.

Universal Student Alliance

Being actively involved in welfare activities, Saad is also the Managing Director of one of the most renowned NGOs, Universal Student Alliance. This NGO works for enhancement in education opportunities for students worldwide.

Awards Won by Saad Saleem

Due to his outstanding works in different fields particularly welfare activities; Saad has been able to bring the following laurels to Paksitan:

The “Ab Ao Maidan Mein” Initiative

A recent initiative by Saad Saleem has drawn the attention of many towards his endeavors to improve the educational system of Pakistan. He is opening the first ever free school offering O and A Levels to children belonging to underprivileged families. His slogan for this initiative is “Ab Ao Maidan Mein”. Saad claims that he does not need a single penny from anyone but only support and help to spread this message to everyone so that they can be motivated to do something positive.

We wish Saad Saleem all the best for his new campaign to provide opportunities for higher education to those children who are denied of their basic right to learn.