Shahid Afridi's IBTIDAA' 22. Culture. Tradition

Shahid Afridi’s ‘IBTIDAA’ 22

Shahid Afridi’s ‘IBTIDAA’ 22 is back with a fine clothing collection for Men. It follows modernistic trends which are based on the idea of practical and comfortable wearing for the user. The entire collection presents the Pakistani culture, grace, design, elegance, and tradition in a true essence.

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This collection experiments with various designs like kameez, kurta, shalwar, pajama and pants. The products offered are in pure fabrics, which is the best for summer time. The clothing has been designed by playing with basic and monochromatic color palettes. Each piece has been designed by keeping breathability and comfort in mind.

The collection offers lighter and darker palettes both. The lighter shades include sky blue, medium blue, apple green, blue chambray, brown, white, grey, greenish grey, ash grey, ivory, peach and off-white. On the other side, the darker shades include black, navy blue, dark grey, medium blue, olive green, grey chambray, army green, bottle green and brown.

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The brand offers variation in fabric which is easy to iron and wear. The user can pick those which they prefer accordingly. The fabrics include: Silk cotton, Irish cotton, Egyptian cotton, Bosky linen, Viscose cotton, and pure cotton. The styles are majorly semi-formal in style. The designs include linings and stripes on collar, sleeves, hem gusset and button placket. Some of the kurta and kameez use polo collar style, which gives a unique look.

The price range for one-piece of kurtas is till 2,999 PKR, while for two-pieces which includes either a shalwar or pant with the kameez or kurta range from 6,499 to 7,499 PKR. Overall, this collection offers a finessed and refined look to the wearer. Do explore what IBTIDAA’22 has to offer by browsing their website or visiting their stores.

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