Pakistani Cities to Visit if You are a History Geek

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If you have a passion to explore the history of the world, then you would be aware of the different civilizations which have ruled the Indus Valley. The area we are trying to highlight here is that Persians, Turks, Arabs, Mughals, and the British governed the subcontinent. Thus, an amalgam of races, cultures, norms, customs, […]

What The Islamabadis Could Learn From the Other Cities

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Islamabad is famous because.of the presence of a few stops and backwoods, including the Shakarparian. It is home to a few tourist spots, the most striking one being the Faisal Mosque. Most of the people who live in major cities of Pakistan like Lahore or Karachi find Islamabadis boring.  Let’s find out what Islamabadis can […]

Top Hotels to Stay in Multan

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Doing Your Homework on Hotels in Multan? Are you planning to pay the City of Saints, THE MULTAN, a visit? Well, it is an interesting place to holiday so you would hopefully enjoy your stay. You should therefore carry on with finalizing your plans for the trip. The most important thing about your visit however […]

Bahauddin Zakaraiya University (BZU) Multan Offering High Education to Students for Decades

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Concise Information on Bahauddin Zakaraiya University Multan (BZU) BZU Multan is short for Bahauddin Zakaraiya University, which is the largest university in the entire Southern Punjab region. The Mystery Behind the Name: BZU Multan The Multan university has been named after a sufi saint, Abu Muhammad Bahauddin Zakariya [1170-1267], who lived in Multan and is […]

Multan Airport: A Symbol of Pride

About the Famous City Multan Multan has earned the status of ‘The City of Saints’ or ‘Madina tul Aulya’ as many saints spent years of their lives preaching Sufism in this city. Multan is the fifth largest city of Pakistan and popular for its prime location in the province of Punjab. Surrounded by Jhang, Khanewal, […]