Top Universities to Apply in Pakistan

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A university degree is seen as a must-have for many jobs. But why does it matter? Is it just a piece of paper that proves you’ve been to school for a certain number of years? For some people, a university degree is seen as a waste of time and money. They believe that if you’re […]

TransKarachi & LUMS Sign MOU to Promote Gender Equity in Public Transport

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Introduction The Government of Sindh has invested $504 million in commissioning the Karachi Bus Rapid Transit Red Line at a cost of 5,000 rupees per vehicle. The Urban Tech Pakistan’s team at LUMS has entered into a professional agreement with the government of Sindh. TransKarachi and LUMS Sign MOU Following the joint effort, TransKarachi and […]

LUMS Alum, Hamza Ayub, Gets Featured in Forbes 30 Under 30

LUMS Alum, Hamza Ayub, Forbes 30

Forbes got a new Candidate Hamza Ayub spent long hours at the library of the University of the Indus Valley. One day he came across a book called The Asian Tiger. It mentioned the growth of Shenzhen, China, that predicted the occurrence of a tech revolution. He religiously followed the news cycle and became interested […]