TransKarachi, LUMS, Gender Equity

The Government of Sindh has invested $504 million in commissioning the Karachi Bus Rapid Transit Red Line at a cost of 5,000 rupees per vehicle. The Urban Tech Pakistan’s team at LUMS has entered into a professional agreement with the government of Sindh.

TransKarachi and LUMS Sign MOU

Following the joint effort, TransKarachi and LUMS will be taking further actions to become genuine advocates for gender equity in the public transport industry. By participating in workshops, technical training, lectures, seminars, capacity-building sessions, and other campaigns to provide attractive and accessible services. The two parties will cooperate together to assess and reduce gender-oriented violence and sexual harassment. They will also be measuring the use of proper and rule-abiding solutions and redress mechanisms and will be investigating different ways of preventing sexual assault. To commemorate the launch of a new project, the Urban Tech Pakistan project at LUMS, twenty representatives and members of TransKarachi and Urraan met to sign an MOU on August 22, 2022, at the launch of an event regarding women’s transportation challenges in Pakistan.

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A Drive towards a Safe Mode of Travel

Buses are the best way to transport a large number of individuals from one point to another. These buses have had their fair share of changes from independent road buses to sleeper buses. The advantage of Metro buses, TransKarachi, and the BRT system is that they have a special road built for them. They are also affordable which allows the less fortunate to also travel. Gender Equality in these services is a driving force as in order for the system to work, it needs to be able to provide both sides the same amount of importance and services. By preventing sexual harassment people can travel comfortably without any worry and constant tension.

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