TEDx Islamabad: A Gathering of Innovative Minds

TEDx Islamabad is all set for its new episode of 2016 to be held on March 19, bringing together the brilliant minds and sharing ideas worth spreading.

What Exactly is TED?

TED is globally renowned foundation that works on the concept of Ideas Worth Spreading. It began as early as 1984 in the form of a conference that brought people from the following fields together to share their experiences and ideas:

Since its inception, the scope of TED has widened and today hundreds of TED talks take place in different parts of the world including educational institutions.

The Concept of TEDx

TEDx is basically an initiative by TED which allows communities all over the world to take up the opportunity and develop their own experiences like TED. The purpose of TEDx events is to bring together speakers from different fields to deliver talks and spark deep interactions and conversations with people. This program is organized for helping organizations, institutions, communities and individuals to create connections and enhance conversations from TED-like local experiences.

Features of TEDx Events

TEDx events feature the following activities:

Purpose of TEDx Islamabad

TEDx Islamabad is a TEDx event licensed by TED and curated by Saad Hamid, the organizer with Ahsan Mukhtar, the co-organizer. More than 15 TEDX events have been attributed to TEDx Islamabad that featured above 50 inspiring TED talks by the local masterminds from different areas of Pakistan.

Since 6 years, TEDx Islamabad has been endeavoring to help organizations, institutions, communities, and individuals to conduct such conversations that pave way towards a better future. This program usually comprises of a combination of live talks together with TED Talk videos. The vent is handled and organized independently by Saad Hamid, the local head.

TEDx Islamabad 2016

March 19, 2016 brings you another enthralling episode of TEDx Islamabad with the theme of “Breaking Barriers”. The purpose is to share ideas and tales of resilience, bring a change and break the barriers that lie in our society. This event will be held under the supervision of the organizer, Saad Hamid. The sponsors for this event are:

The event will feature live speeches from prominent speakers along with TED Talk videos. The names and details of speakers have not yet been disclosed.

Details of 2016 TEDx Islamabad

Register for the event here: https://goo.gl/reLLf5

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/968109043259378/

Website: http://tedxislamabad.com/