Digital health startups in Pakistan are a new and exciting development in the healthcare industry. With the growing prevalence of technology, these startups are offering innovative solutions to modern healthcare problems. Digital health startups are leveraging the power of technology to improve access, quality, and cost efficiency of healthcare services. They’re also introducing novel methods of diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment that can drastically reduce medical costs. Through their efforts, digital startups are contributing to enhancing the overall quality of healthcare in Pakistan.

Digital Health Startups

Digital health startups are revolutionizing the way patients receive care, and many of them are becoming some of the most successful companies in the world. These startups leverage cutting-edge technology to provide healthcare solutions that are more accessible, efficient, and cost-effective than ever before. They offer a wide range of innovative solutions, from telehealth solutions to wearable devices and electronic medical records, that can adapt to fit any patient’s needs.

These companies have revolutionized how people get their healthcare services by providing access to virtual doctors or enabling patients to monitor their own vital signs at home. For example, telemedicine solutions enable patients to connect with medical professionals from anywhere in the world through video calling technology, offering immediate diagnosis and treatment for non-urgent conditions.

Startups in the healthcare sector are rapidly growing, developing innovative solutions to address the healthcare needs of a rapidly changing world. Digital health startups have opened up numerous opportunities for individuals and companies alike, allowing them to access new technologies and treatment options that could revolutionize healthcare delivery worldwide.

History of Digital Health Startups 

Digital Health Startups, Pakistani startups, Digital health, Healthcare

The history of digital health startups dates back more than a decade, beginning with the emergence of web-based medical recordkeeping platforms in 2007. This was followed by the launch of mobile apps that allowed patients to easily connect with doctors and track their own medical data. In recent years, artificial intelligence has become commonplace in many digital health products and services as machine learning algorithms allow companies to provide more personalized treatment plans for patients.

One of the first such companies was HealthTap, founded in 2010. Its goal was to create an online platform that would connect doctors and patients virtually and provide medical advice from remote locations. HealthTap quickly gained traction and is now among the most successful digital health startups globally. 

Since then, entrepreneurs have established many more digital health startups, offering a variety of products and services ranging from mobile applications for tracking health data to platforms designed for online physician consultations. These companies are continuing to reshape the healthcare industry by leveraging technology to make healthcare more efficient, accessible and affordable for everyone.

Digital Health Technology

The companies behind these innovative efforts are driving the development of products and services that improve patient care, reduce costs, and increase access to quality care. With investments in digital health solutions expected to reach over $179 billion by 2025, it’s clear that this emerging field is here to stay.

From telemedicine platforms to AI-driven imaging tools, digital health startups have developed a wide range of technologies for hospitals and clinics around the world. These companies specialize in providing cutting-edge solutions for managing patient data, diagnosing diseases more accurately, tracking chronic conditions from afar, and even reducing wait times in emergency rooms. At the same time, they’re helping physicians provide more personalized care while optimizing their workflow.

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The digital health startups are leveraging state-of-the-art technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and other smart solutions to improve care quality and reduce costs. These cutting edge solutions can help diagnose diseases more quickly and accurately, track patient data more effectively, and provide personalized treatments tailored to individual needs. Furthermore, these services can be provided remotely at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional approaches. 

This wave of digital health startups is providing new opportunities for everyone from patients to providers to insurers.

Benefits of Digital Health

In the modern world, digital health technology is revolutionizing the way we view and access healthcare. Digital health uses information technology to help improve public and patient health by providing access to medical records, remote healthcare services, connective technologies, and many more advances. With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder digital health has become so popular. 

Digital health allows patients to access their personal medical records remotely using secure online systems like MyChart or with a mobile app. This empowers them with more control over their own care and enables them to have better information about treatments and diagnoses. It also simplifies the process for physicians who can now manage patient records from any location with an internet connection. Additionally, digital health makes it easier for doctors to track trends in patient data which can lead to improved prevention methods and higher quality care overall.

Digital Health in Pakistan

Digital Health Startups, Pakistani startups, Healthcare, Technology

The digital health revolution has arrived in Pakistan. With the emergence of digital health startups in the country, the healthcare industry is undergoing positive changes that are transforming traditional medical practices and providing more efficient and accessible services. These startups are offering a wide range of innovative solutions that are helping to bridge the gap between healthcare providers and patients. Through technology-driven initiatives, these startups have been able to address some of the challenges faced by the Pakistani population when it comes to accessing quality healthcare services.

The health industry in Pakistan is undergoing rapid changes due to the emergence of digital health startups. In recent years, there has been a surge in innovative digital health solutions that are revolutionizing the healthcare sector in Pakistan. Through the use of modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine learning, and Big Data, these startups are creating groundbreaking new products and services to address major challenges faced by patients and medical professionals across the country.

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COVID-19 Impact on Digital Health

As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) spread across the globe, it forced many countries to put stringent health protocols in place to contain its spread. One of the most significant changes has been a shift towards digital health solutions in order to protect public health and safety. 

Digital health technology has become increasingly important as governments and healthcare providers looked for ways to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Medical professionals are using digital platforms to facilitate remote consultations with patients, advising them in real-time without requiring their physical presence at a clinic or hospital. Telemedicine has become an invaluable resource during this period, providing quick access to healthcare for those who need it most.

Top Digital Health Startups in Pakistan

Digital Health Startups, Pakistani startups, Digital health, Healthcare

Pakistan has recently joined in the emerging digital health startups. With new funding and initiatives, Pakistani entrepreneurs are taking advantage of opportunities to create innovative healthcare solutions. From telemedicine to mobile health apps, here is a look at the top digital health startups in Pakistan that are making an impact on the local healthcare sector.


Dawaai is a digital healthcare platform that is internationally certified and registered. It provides authentic medicines and medical equipment, as well as health supplements to customers around the world. The company has been recognized by LegitScript, an independent certification agency that verifies the legitimacy of online pharmacies and healthcare providers. 

The mission of Dawaai is to provide access to quality healthcare products to everyone who needs them. Their team consists of experienced professionals from across the globe who are committed to delivering safe and reliable medicare solutions for their customers. All the medicines, medical equipment, and health supplements provided by Dawaai are sourced from reliable suppliers and verified for their authenticity before being shipped out. The platform offers convenient payment options such as cash on delivery and multiple credit cards for customers’ convenience.

Dawaai provides an easy-to-use portal for users to access a wide range of health services, including ordering pharmaceuticals from their online pharmacy, booking lab tests and checkups, as well as consulting with doctors through their online doctor consultation service. Additionally, Dawaai offers a variety of health packages and programs tailored to specific needs.

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For those looking to manage chronic conditions such as diabetes or obesity, they offer specialized care plans that provide comprehensive support such as diet advice and regular monitoring of glucose levels or body weight. Through its Health Packages & Programs users can also purchase additional treatments such as yoga classes, lifestyle coaching sessions and nutrition counseling to improve overall wellbeing.

Sehat Kahani

Sehat Kahani, Digital Health Startups, Pakistani startups, Digital health, Healthcare

Sehat Kahani is a digital health startup that has revolutionized healthcare in Pakistan. It is taking on the challenge of democratizing access to quality healthcare. By utilizing digitally enabled primary care doctors and services, Sehat Kahani’s mission is to provide all individuals with equal access to medical advice and care regardless of their socio-economic status or geographic location. With over 800 doctors and specialists being available 24/7, the startup provides an easy way to connect with a doctor of your choice in less than 60 seconds.

Sehat Kahani offers a variety of services such as telemedicine, online consultation, ordering lab tests and medicines from pharmacies, arranging for home visits by doctors, and disease management through its app. The aim of the company is to make healthcare more accessible for people who are unable to make it to hospitals or clinics due to distance or other reasons. Sehat Kahani’s platform enables individuals to get medical advice anytime and anywhere without having to leave their homes. The service also helps patients save time by not having to wait in long queues at hospitals.

Through their services, they provide affordable subscription plans alongside PAYG options to make accessing healthcare easy and accessible for everyone. Sehat Kahani allows users to store their medical history and prescriptions securely in its cloud platform, making it easier for users to access crucial medical data whenever they need it. In addition, the service provides doctors with an online portal where they can easily access patient information digitally and monitor progress over time. This feature ensures that all doctor visits are as efficient as possible while providing patients with clear instructions on how to better manage their own health.


Marham is another digital health startup that offers an innovative and comprehensive approach to meet the medical needs of its patients. It has been working to build a community of medical personnel that can drive better experiences for those seeking treatment and care. Marham’s vision is to create an environment where patients can be well informed and have access to the best care options in their area.

By connecting with healthcare providers throughout Pakistan, they are able to get personalized recommendations based on each individual’s medical needs. This helps ensure that patients receive the right treatment at the right time. The team at Marham believes in creating an ecosystem of trust between healthcare professionals, patients and insurers so everyone involved benefits from a more efficient system of care delivery. 

Marham boasts PMC verified doctors, 12/7 customer support, and an intelligent care search feature. With Marham, users can easily book online consultations or clinic appointments with the best doctors in their area. Additionally, they can also order lab tests and medicine directly through the platform. Users can easily read verified reviews from other patients and compare them with other doctors in order to make an informed decision.

With its comprehensive range of features, Marham makes it possible for anyone to find the best doctor for their needs quickly and easily without compromising on the quality of healthcare services provided.

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Healthwire, Online pharmacy, Pakistani startups, Digital health, Healthcare

Healthwire is an online pharmacy and healthcare platform that provides convenient access to quality health care. With 12,000+ doctors, specializing in different medical disciplines, Healthwire makes it easy to find a physician who matches your needs. Patients can easily book appointments online with the click of a button and connect directly with their doctor via video chat or telephone.

The platform also allows users to order lab tests without having to leave their home. Tests such as blood tests, urine tests and more are available. Delivery of test results is then made straight to your email. Healthwire is making quality healthcare more accessible and affordable than ever before – allowing you to access health care services anytime, anywhere!

Healthwire allows patients to select the perfect doctor for their needs. It allows users to search by specialty, hospital, services, and health condition as well as choose a time to book an appointment. This makes finding the right doctor easier than ever!

Additionally, Healthwire offers an innovative corporate wellness program which provides employers with tools and resources to promote healthy lifestyle habits among employees. This program promotes healthier lives through nutrition counseling, physical activity initiatives and stress management techniques.


MEDZnMORE, Digital Health Startups, Pakistani startups, Digital health,

MEDZnMORE, launched in 2020, is yet another digital health startup that seeks to revolutionize the healthcare system of pharmerging countries. It has started its operations in Pakistan, and provides easy access to high quality health services from the comfort and safety of one’s own home.

The platform is designed to help reduce the burden of traditional hospitals and clinics by providing convenient online access to healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses and specialists through their mobile app. With its state-of-the-art technology and integrated cloud based solution, it aims to bridge the gap between patients and medical practitioners for better diagnosis and treatment outcomes. is a B2C platform run by MEDZnMORE, that provides 100% authentic medicines and wellness products at an affordable price. It gives consumers access to reliable brands with free delivery nationwide, making it the perfect choice for keeping your health in check. The platform offers a wide selection of prescription and over-the-counter drugs, as well as other healthcare products such as vitamins and supplements.

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Moreover, the website makes it easy to search for the medicine you need without having to visit multiple pharmacies or stores. With secure payment options such as debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers, and mobile wallets available on their website and app, you can conveniently pay for your orders anytime and anywhere.

MEDZnMORE provides another B2B platform, Tez Medz, that offers technology solutions to the fragmented medical supply chain. It’s an online marketplace, connecting buyers and sellers of medical products with one another, providing a secure and efficient way to buy and sell items. The product range available on MEDZnMORE covers many facets of the medical industry including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, equipment, consumables and more.

Digital Health Future in Pakistan

Digital Health Startups, Pakistani startups, Digital health, Healthcare

The digital health revolution is set to take Pakistan by storm in the near future. There are a number of initiatives already underway that will drive the development of digital health solutions in the country. The Government of Pakistan has already committed to investing in the development and implementation of modern technologies, such as artificial intelligence, robotics and blockchain technology, to help improve healthcare services across the nation.

The potential impact of digital health solutions on healthcare delivery in Pakistan cannot be overstated. Digital health can significantly reduce costs associated with providing quality healthcare services while also improving access to care for millions of people living in underserved regions. Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that using advanced technological tools can also improve patient outcomes and satisfaction levels due to increased accuracy and streamlined processes. By making use of existing resources and creating new ones, Pakistani citizens can be assured that they will have better access to quality healthcare than ever before.