Generation Launches reGENERATE, An Effort Towards Reducing Fabric Waste

Generation, fashion clothing, sustainable fashion, reGENERATE

Generation has announced its new line of renewable fabric called “ReGENERATE”. The company has started to use the next cutting-edge designs and technology to reduce the amount of waste. Additionally, they use each leftover fabric from the trimming and cutting process of attachments and garments.

They also stated that the new work practices will utilize proper water management, strategically planned electrical use, reduced usage of plastic materials, and fair wages for all employees. Armed with a vast user community, they hope to create a new recognition of steady fashion. They also plan to cut down the pace of fast fashion.

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reGENERATE, An Effort Towards a Brighter More Sustainable Future

Generation, fashion clothing, sustainable fashion, reGENERATE

  • They have done extensive research for the past year on the topic of sustainability and have implemented corrective measures where possible to ensure that they hit their final goal. They actively measure waste to introduce better policies throughout their value chain
  • To calculate their carbon footprint they have created a database that tracks and calculates their carbon footprints. Hence, it allows them to see what they’re doing to affect the environment.
  • This year, they are implementing a “No Single-Use Plastic” policy, as well, in their product lineup. To protect products from damage during transport from one area to another, They have introduced custom bags made out of parachute-like material. This is to make sure that clothes don’t get ruined.
  • They have tested their launched garments and attachments which they craft from a more durable fabric. They also built a Centre, that periodically checks the wastage of fabrics and leftover threads and then organizes and stores them for later batches.

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