Social media platforms have grown extensively over the past few years making all the niches just one click away from the digital consumers. This has resulted in the emergence of a more critical viewership and the utilization of different visual strategies of content marketing and presentation before the target audience. Furthermore, social media platforms have paved the way for Pakistani YouTubers to show off their abilities and become the rising stars of the digital age. This factor has greatly influenced the traditional media celebrities to create their own digital presence on emerging platforms such as youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, etc.

Pakistani YouTubers That are Worth Following

Nevertheless, the rising stars have established some conspicuous niches on these platforms, and in this article, we are going to bring into the limelight the top 20 Pakistani YouTubers that you must follow to have a worth remembering experience of infotainment. These YouTubers come from their separate backgrounds, have their unique fan following based on the nature of the content and their varying areas of interest. 

Umar Khan Or Better Known as Ukhanopakistani youtube channels, awesamo, zaid ali

With over 391 thousand subscribers, Umar Khan is a Pakistani Youtuber who graduated from the National College of Arts and joined Youtube in 2017. He started creating content on his channel as daily vlogs presenting his daily lifestyle and connecting with people of his close network. However, he started to diversify his channel by starting to travel across Pakistan. He loves to connect with other YouTubers as well to create augmented content for the audience.

Most of the content uploaded on his channel is presented as Ukhan Films. He has earned his fame by presenting a cinematic experience to his viewership of all the areas visited in the country. Some of his acclaimed content includes his visit to K2, working with Sonam Kapoor, and the fun-filled talk show with Haania Aamir.

If you want to explore the kind of videos he has created, just click on his channel and go to his playlist where he offers his masterpieces ranging from the cinematic experience of beautiful Pakistan to the laughter therapies with different celebrities. And of course, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and the bell icon for the timely updates of his channel. Furthermore, one good news to share is that he recently got married so we all wish him a happy life ahead.

Danish Alipakistani youtubers, youtube, video editing

If you are a lover of standup comedians, then you can’t miss out on what Danish Ali has to offer as a YouTuber. Although he started his initial journey in the mainstream media and became conspicuous through his earlier videos widely shared by his fans on Facebook, he started his own Youtube channel in 2011 and now has his own huge circle of 481 thousand subscribers that are consistently expanding with the passage of time.

Many of you would know him as a TV host but the fun fact is that he is also a doctor. Viewers can find a wide variety of content ranging from desi things, hysterically smelly guy videos, personal vlogs, and some funny ads for the marketing of particular content.

If you want to check out the talent of this star, you certainly have to watch some of his most popular creations which include his funny bargaining strategies to purchase something from the market, his role as a chechora doctor, and selling boys on carts for young girls titled as Rishtay Ka Soda. Just type in super chittar by Danish Ali and you will end up laughing throughout the day. And maybe, you might go out shopping to buy one as it’s available in your nearest market. So this guy will make you go crazy for sure. 

Gossips Starring Fatima Irfan SheikhGossips, vlogging, vlogs

How can we ignore our skincare, protection from the ultraviolet radiations from the Sun, and some smart tips and tricks to take our beauty to the next level? You are getting it right. Fatima Irfan Sheikh stands out among the Pakistani YouTubers in the niche of the fashion designing industry. Starting her journey in 2015, she has taken up youtube as a full-time career and up till now has a fan following of over 506 thousand subscribers. As the name of the channel suggests, Fatima is well known for her engaging gossips that cover a wide variety of areas from the fields of fashion and beauty.

Her channel provides a complete catalog of skincare tips for beginners, makeup techniques to have glowy skin, detailed critical reviews on the makeup and skincare products of different national and international companies. You can also become a part of her personal life through her personal vlogs. In addition, she is quite critical in testing the results of fake makeup kits which means that you can learn a lot from her to discriminate genuine makeup products from artificial ones.

Furthermore, Fatima provides a complete list of all the products that you need for your best and long-lasting bridal makeup to bring you all shining girls into the limelight. Some of her popular videos cover her tips from hair styling to hair removal. Thus, make sure to subscribe to her channel to join her gossip session and learn from her experience. 

P 4 Pakao Starring Nadir Alifunny videos, prank videos, p4pakao

If you enjoy watching pranks in daily lifestyle with the general public as well as celebrities, then Nadir Ali is the man who has gained a lot of attention across Pakistan as well as India. Starting its journey in 2016, the channel has reached around 3.45 Million subscribers and continues to grow across borders. The channel has a series of door-to-door pranks, road pranks, international pranks as well as playing tricks with some of the Pakistani celebrities. Some of his famous creations include the Donkey Meat Prank, Bakra Eid Special, Gym Prank, and the Mouchi Prank. Once you subscribe to the channel, get ready for a roller coaster ride.

Kitchen with Amnapakistani recipe, indian recipe, pakistani food

Another rising youtube star has made her name conspicuous in digital media through the variety of recipes that she offers on her channel, Kitchen with Amna. She started her channel in 2016 and now has an increasing circle of near to 4 Million subscribers. Whether you like to learn Pakistani and Indian recipes or prefer to try the culinary flavors of other countries, Amna has provided an all-in-one package comprising drinks, soups, ice creams, cake, rice, lentils, snacks, and recipes for special occasions.

You can also find the recipes of Turkish cuisines and Arabic delights. A few of the most popular recipes on her channel are the tips to make a perfectly folded samosa, Pizza made on Tawa, Vegetable Fried Rice, and Chicken Cutlets. So make sure to subscribe to her channel for getting all the timely updates of new recipes. 

Qasim Ali ShahPakistani talents, Pakistani Youtubers, video makers

If you like to learn from the experience and tips shared by a motivational speaker, then Qasim Ali Shah is not a name that you can miss while searching for content on youtube. He is a renowned educationist and amongst the top entrepreneurs of Pakistan. Alongside the publication of twelve influential books, he is the founder of Qasim Ali Shah Foundation striving hard to change the perspectives of young Pakistani talents.

Due to his widespread fan following, his channel has over 2 Million active subscribers that are growing further with the addition of new motivational speeches delivered on different platforms. Therefore, click on the subscribe button to get connected and develop a foresight to make decisions to carve out a brilliant future for yourself. 

Village Food Secrets Starring Mubashir Saddiquevillage food, village culture, village life

Many of us remain so occupied with our urban lifestyle that we completely ignore the serenity and simplicity of rural life that is also found extensively in our country. In case you want to explore the lush green pastures, livestock, and tubewell, how about checking out the village culture of your own country? That is right, there are celebrities who have developed a strong online presence representing their rural identity before the online consumers. One such rising star is Mubashir Saddique, a soft-spoken and kind-hearted YouTuber who started his youtube journey in 2016 and now has a fan following of 2.8 Million subscribers.

He is acclaimed for presenting an epitome of village culture and life. His recipes are acclaimed for being unique and cooked on a clay stove with his continuous recitation of religious verses to add blessings to his every culinary delight. Make sure to hit the subscribe button for supporting his ongoing endeavors and staying in touch with the beauty of rural Pakistan. 

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Asad Ali TVsmart phones, gadgets, technology

We live in an age of digital media and technology where we constantly observe the launch of new smartphones, gadgets, appliances, and much more. With so much variety in the market, digital consumers are always searching for individuals who can provide comprehensive reviews regarding different gadgets and products. Asad Ali is one such example from Faisalabad who joined Youtube in 2016 and has extensively grown his channel through daily tech reviews on different products. As a result, he now has a fan following of over 2 Million subscribers.

He has produced a wide variety of content ranging from gaming, effective use of mobile and laptop, and the smart use of mobile play store. Some of his popular videos include translation tips, hidden features of different social media platforms etc. The best part is the availability of all this information in Urdu. So no need to wait for any further and start exploring the wonderful content of amazing Pakistani YouTubers. 

Ramiz Speaks Starring the famous Ramiz Rajacricket, pakistan vs india, pakistani match

As mentioned earlier, the exponential growth of digital media has significantly influenced the celebrities of mainstream media to establish their presence on this platform as well. Resultantly, one such star is the hero from the victory of 1992 Cricket World, none other than Ramiz Raja who is generally seen as a commentator and reviewer of cricket matches following different national and international cricket series. However, he has joined the digital platforms to share his reviews on cricket for the digital consumers of the modern age.

In addition to his coaching sessions based on one of his playlists, he has produced content on various ODI series between Pakistan, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, and India. Hitherto, he has a network of 1.5 Million active subscribers that are growing even further. For all the fans of cricket, that is the channel that you have been waiting for.

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Shahmeer Abbas Officialcreative minds, prankster, pranks

If you want to see the creative minds of Pakistani YouTubers in terms of making funny videos on one hand and showing their dance moves on the screen, then Shahmeer Abbas is our rising star who joined this platform in 2017. Hitherto, he has his own circle of 1.6 Million dedicated subscribers who love to watch his pranks with people on roads, funny videos, and dancing skills. Some of his popular pranks include asking for girls’ numbers, dropping wallets, and Psycho Barber prank.

XeeTechCare Starring Zaryab KhanXeeTechCare, mobile technology, pakistani youtubers

If you want to dig deep into the world of mobile technology and need reviews before purchasing your new smartphone, Zaryab Khan has some wonderful content ready to guide you all in terms of price, quality, specs, and feedback regarding the use of different mobile phones, Just check out the playlist and you will get to know the versatility of content that he has covered. Resultantly, he has almost 1.5 Million subscribers that continue to enjoy his regularly uploaded videos.

VideoWaliSarkar Starring Bilal MunirVideoWaliSarkar, youtube subscribers, youtube videos

Another prodigy in terms of tech talk and tech reviews is Bilal Munir popularly known as Video Wali Sarkar. Starting his journey in 2016, Bilal has grown his channel extensively through his reviews on various mobile brands such as Vivo, Samsung, Q Mobile, Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei, and much more. He is also known for his unboxing videos and the following review. Resultantly, he has a huge circle of 1.6 Million subscribers. 

Haris Awansubscribe, prank videos, rich vs poor

In case you like watching only prank videos offered by different Pakistani Youtubers then you need to subscribe to Haris Awan’s channel. The guy started his channel in 2015 and now has over 1 Million subscribers. The reason behind his fame is the nature of his pranks in the form of social experiments to explore how individuals react when they hear that some guy is from India. Furthermore, he has also produced videos to compare rich vs poor and the manner they are treated in society. Make sure to support by hitting the subscribe button. 

RHS Starring Hamza Saiflifestyle videos, vlogs, travel videos

If you like to watch daily lifestyle videos and vlogs alongside some fun-filled videos accompanied with travel and culinary experiences, then RHS is the man of your choice. Rana Hamza Saif is from district Bahawalnagar and joined Youtube in 2016. He started his journey from daily vlogs and then started traveling locally as well as shared his journey to Dubai and Turkey. As claimed in his earlier videos, he is a food lover and therefore culinary delights are an essential component in most of his videos. He loves to go deep into the city streets to explore the restaurants and dhabas hidden within the congested streets of different cities of Pakistan. Accompanied by some of his companions, he engages his audience with some funny jokes and activities.

He has recently purchased a trail bike to start his travel series across Pakistan. Therefore, if you want to explore the food, culture, and lifestyle of different regions, make sure to subscribe to his channel. You will certainly enjoy each and every minute of his videos.

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Bekaar FilmsRida, Sami, Moeen, Ghazanfar

We tend to observe everyday issues and stereotypes in our surroundings but usually do not ponder upon these problems and never go for questioning this unjust behavior and perspectives. Rida, Sami, Moeen, and Ghazanfar are also people like us. However, they have stood up to raise their voice against these erratic behaviors in the form of their funny and visually appealing videos. With a fan following of 1 Million subscribers, Bekaar films produce content ranging from the attitude of annoying bikers, the strange ways of displaying patriotism. Join this network of Pakistani YouTubers to experience their creativity and entertainment. 

Irfan Junejotravelling, marketing, video editing

Starting his journey in 2010, Irfan Junejo has simply displayed the way a common man can start from scratch. Eventually, one can reach the height of fame that the brands may start connecting with the same individual for marketing. Irfan Junejo’s channel provides a wide variety of content. This starts from his life journey and experiences shared in the form of daily vlogs. Afterward, it is followed by his travel experience to various national and international sites. Furthermore, he provides guidelines for viewers to streamline their traveling. This can help them have a worth remembering experience. Resultantly, he has crossed the landmark of 1 Million subscribers. Make sure to hit thumbs up on his videos and of course the subscribe button. 

Taimoor Salahuddin aka MoorooTaimoor Salahuddin, vlogger, youtuber

If you are looking for an all-inclusive package of infotainment, make sure to subscribe to one of the famous Pakistani YouTubers Mooroo before going ahead with this article. Taimoor Salahuddin is a prodigy possessing expertise as a singer, editor, director, actor, vlogger, and summing it all up as a YouTuber. Some of his most popular videos range from Saas Bahu skits to his trips to northern areas. Resultantly he has a fan following of 996 thousand subscribers. 

Nishoo Khanbeauty, fashion, skin care

Returning back to the world of beauty, fashion, and skincare, Nishoo Khan is one of the Pakistani YouTubers of your choice. Starting her career in 2016, Nishoo particularly creates content related to makeup and beauty tips. This is followed by some gossip where she provides tips for skincare. As she also collaborates with different brands, she provides a comprehensive review of different products. So, make sure to subscribe to her channel. You will learn and enhance your own knowledge regarding skin protection and care. 

Azad ChaiwalaMr. Chaiwala, business, startups

Is your education near to completion? Have you already graduated from a renowned university? But still, you are trying to find it hard to get a job? How about starting up your own business? Youtube once again has much to offer and Azad Chaiwala is here for your guidance. The guy runs his business worldwide and is setting up his business in Azad Kashmir. The aim behind his youtube channel is to enlighten the young Pakistanis. He wants to help them to start their own business based on the unique ideas he has to offer. Resultantly, he has an expanding fan following of 804 thousand subscribers. Also, they are continuously expanding due to unique business ideas shared by Mr. Chaiwala.

Junaid Akrampakistani youtubers, news and updates, podcasts

Our last celebrity on the list of top YouTubers is Mr. Junaid Akam. Starting his journey in 2006, Junaid Akram has brought a new form of content on youtube. This includes the latest news and updates with respect to all the events taking place in Pakistan. His discussions are available in the form of podcasts. Resultantly, he has a circle of over 500 thousand subscribers.

We are sure that these Pakistani YouTubers are a source of inspiration for all the young minds. Are you thinking to launch your own channel? You already have identified the niches where you can fill in the gap. All the best.