How to Setup 2Checkout From Pakistan?

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The e-installment frameworks have advanced progressively over the course of a few years because of the developing spread of web-based banking and shopping. 2Checkout is an electronic payment service that was founded in 2000 that allows merchants to accept online credit card payments from customers in their home country and abroad. This article will guide […]

HBL Launches WhatsApp Banking Service

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There is some uplifting news for HBL clients! You can now get to your record from WhatsApp. Peruse more about it in this article. Habib Bank: Nation’s Most Memorable Financial Establishment Pakistan’s banking actually started during the time of monarchy in South Asia, during which the British Empire managed a large part of the country. […]

Nokia is Preparing For a Comeback With New Mobile Devices

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Nokia was once the top maker of mobile devices, but when smartphones came into the picture this Finnish company suffered greatly. Across the globe, Finland is known for a variety of things; from its music to its unique bus etiquette and most significantly, mobile devices, Nokia. We are all familiar with the Nokia 2100 which […]

Samsung is Aiming for Local Assemblage of the Phones in Pakistan

Pakistan and Samsung have had a firm relationship. The Eco friendly, innovative and sustainable designs of these smartphones are very popular in Pakistan. Samsung has also launched various humanitarian campaigns that help various countries including Pakistan to move towards a better future. Their approach to diversity, flexibility, affordability, and security is what makes them the […]

United Mobile and ZTE Sign Collaboration for Local Manufacturing of 3G/4G Smartphones

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  ZTE has signed an MoU with United Mobile for the manufacturing and selling of  3G and 4G smartphones, terminal devices, and AMP at the local level. Federal Secretary of Information Technology and Telecommunication Dr. Sohail Rajut said that the current government has put its efforts into exporting the services and technology and has been […]