PTV Home: Pakistan’s First-Ever TV Channel

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All You Need to Know About PTV Home: Pakistan’s First TV Channel Pakistan TeleVision [PTV], is the oldest TV channel from Pakistan, and about two decades ago, was the only channel operating in the country. Ptv home went on air for the first time on the 26th of November 1964 from Lahore, then known as […]

Among The Believers: An Insight into Pakistani Madrassas

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Among The Believers Documentary Review The focus of a new-fangled documentary on the forefront, Among the Believers, is a young 12 years old lad – Talha. This particular film investigates the renowned religious school ‘Lal Masjid’, situated in Islamabad. Similar to other kids studying at the school, Talha comes from an underprivileged background. What’s The […]

Expectations From the Upcoming Pakistani Movie Mah-e-Meer

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Mah-e-Meer: The Upcoming Pakistani Flick at First Glance Mah-e-Meer is an upcoming Pakistani flick and talk of its release is a hot topic of discussion in the country. The film was announced back in 2014 and arrangements for its final release are almost complete. The trailer for the movie Mah-eMeer has been released for the […]

List of Upcoming Pakistani Movies 2014-2015

Upcoming Lollywood Films in 2014-2015 Our film industry which is also known as Lollywood has been dormant for many years. There have been occasional Pakistani movies such as Khuda kay liyay, Ramchand Pakistani, Bol etc which were quite successful, but of course were not enough to revive it. However last year things began to change […]

Moor: A Pakistani Film by Jami

How the Pakistani Movie Waar Changed Pakistani Cinematography When the movie Waar by Bilal Lashari first displayed around the country, it was an endless moment of joy. Pakistani people were seen queuing outside cinemas waiting to get the ticket to see this Pakistani film, which had taken over the social media by storm. This film […]