How Asim Cheema is Bringing Wonders of Wildlife To the LensĀ 

Asim Cheema, Photography, Photographer

A man on a mission, Asim Cheema is an artist with the heart and soul of researcher. His photographs are filled with beauty that comes from exploring nature’s grandeur in his own backyard–a place where you can find everything from tigers to stallions! Cheema is a wildlife photographer who has gained popularity for his innovative […]

Saad Haroon: Smiles Guaranteed

The Second Funniest Person in the World is.. Saad Haroon, a man of many talents as well as great determination. His style is simple yet compelling, his ability to improvise is superb and his jokes are completely original. That is the reason why he just recently claimed second place in the competition which was organized […]

Emerging Comedic Talent of Pakistan

comedians in pakistan

A mention of Pakistani comedy and the first names that come to mind are comedic geniuses Umer Sharif and Shakeel Siddiqui, the satirical Sohail Ahmed, Anwar Maqsood, Bushra Ansari and the late legend Moin Akhtar, to name a few. Their comedic timing, clean humor and mass appeal is yet to be paralleled by others. The […]