When you commute within or between cities, you will always come across bikers. They will be trying to show off their skills by balancing the bike on one wheel. They might be trying laying over it without even holding the handles. These stunts have resulted in several casualties. People have died getting hit by another car or bus being unable to control the high speeding bike. This is not the end of the story. The nighttime is for street and drag racing on the different roads of Islamabad. Many families have lost their children becoming a victim of these drag races. Among these circumstances, Usman Ghani stepped ahead with an initiative.

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Usman Ghani: First International Bike Racer of Pakistan

He wanted to develop a soft image of bikers in Pakistan. Also, he trained Pakistani youngsters to learn the art of running a high-speed sports bike. This helped him in turning passion into a profession. In this article, we will share the life of Usman Ghani who embarked on a challenging journey. He became the first Pakistani to race in MotoGP making the whole nation proud of his achievements.

Early Life Growing Up in Saudi Arabiamotorcyclist, Usman Ghani, international awards

When interviewed, Usman Ghani said that he was born in Saudi, but his heart and soul belonged to Pakistan.  He always loved to contribute for the welfare of the country in every way possible. As a result, he offers free coaching classes to enthusiasts who want to take part in the Grand Prix. You will be wondering how this passion came into Usman’s life in the first place. According to Ghani, his father was a great motivation. Also, his elder brother was also his strong support.

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The Incident That Led Him to Decide Becoming a Motorcyclistbikers, bike stunts, biking

There is always a driving force that keeps you going on to pursue your dreams and targets. In Usman Ghani’s case, he quotes a very tragic incident that took the life of his friend before his eyes. Ghani narrates that he and his friend were road-riding one day. Suddenly, his friend loses control of his bike and crashes resulting in the loss of his life. Usman said there was nothing wrong with his bike. The rough patches on the roads made him unable to maintain the balance of his bike. Losing a friend in such a tragic incident hurt him so much that he decided to quit road biking once and for all. But, he realized that many youngsters may lose their life if they ride without precaution. So he started offering his volunteer coaching. He teaches basic self-defense skills to all bike riders if they ever lose control of their bike.

Journey of Acquiring Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) Licenceroad biking, Grand Prix, FIM license

Usman Ghani was undergoing drug and other medical tests to get his FIM license to take part in the Grand Prix. During this phase, he was still feeling the pain of losing a close friend in that tragic accident. He became the first Pakistani with FIM license. After that, he decided to become a professional racer. He wanted to represent his country in various championships. 

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International AchievementsRookie Championship, SuperStock Championships

When Usman Ghani took part in events, he realized that Pakistan is way behind in these contests. Ghani made a firm commitment to hoist his country’s flag in all the major tournaments. As a result, he won P3 in the Rookie Championship in the very first year. Also, he won ten podium finishes. He was the first Pakistani to have podium finishes in the SuperStock Championships.

Bringing MotorSports to PakistanPakistani women, professional motorcyclist, motosports, usman ghani

Usman Ghani is a strong advocate of Pakistan building its own race track. This would provide the youngsters the chance to sharpen their motor riding skills. This opportunity would also make Pakistan a host to international events. It would help in boosting the economy and tourism in the country.

In his interview, Usman Ghani once shared his dream. He said that he wants to see Pakistani women competing at international tournaments. There is no representation of Pakistani women in the racing fields yet. He mentioned that he is ready to train Pakistani women. He can train them to become professional motorcyclists. Through this, they will get a chance to make their country proud in such events.