KFC Offers Three Yummy Family Festival Deals to Crunch Your Hunger Away

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Crunching your hunger away is the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of summer. The fast food restaurant KFC is offering three different family festivals. To help you get chunky in the summertime. KFC Family Festival Deals The first deal is, called The Chicken Feast, which includes four pieces of chicken with fries. Two dipping […]

Sweet Creme Opens Franchise in Commercial Market, Rawalpindi

Sweet Creme, Ice cream, Fast food

Diversifying is a business movement that the franchisor allows. And requires the franchisee to lead the buy and offer of products. And the arrangement of administrations. Ice cream is an ultra-connoisseur, dynamic market with a huge room for profit. In Pakistan, ice sheets keep on being the most loved aim. For families and travelers for […]

Student Biryani – Why are Karachietes in Love With It?

Student biryani, Pakistani food, Biryani

Karachi is often loved for its glimmering lights and entertainment and also its food. Some might even say Karachi has the best food in the whole country. A high school cafeteria in Karachi serves a better Student biryani compared to some of the best ones in Lahore.  This famous biryani is gathering customers surprisingly quickly […]

Order Your National Foods Products Online Through Made Easy Store

National Foods , Made Easy Store

Consumer behavior that took full advantage of e-commerce platforms during the Movement Control Order to curb the spread of COVID-19, has prompted businesses from across the industry to drive their digital presence. It has been surveyed that the new shopping habits of e-commerce is seen to become more important in consumers’ daily lives as they […]

Oreo Pakistan Launches Oreo Cookie Rookie Featuring Six Amazing Recipes

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Oreo Pakistan has launched Oreo Cookie Rookie, featuring six amazing recipes. The oreo cookie rookie is a perfect way to enjoy oreos in a variety of ways. From oreo milkshake to oreo cookies and cream pie, the oreo cookie rookie has something for everyone. Oreo Pakistan is committed to providing the best and tasty experience […]

Vegetarian Food Choices From the Local Cuisine

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Vegetarianism is surviving solely on foods that are not derived from animals. This means vegetarian food lovers only eat fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, and nuts. All types of normally consumable flesh such as meat, seafood, poultry, fowl, etc are excluded from vegetarian diets. Most vegetarians from western countries see no problem in consuming milk and […]

KFC Vs McDonald’s: Who’s Got the Best Ramadan Deals?

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KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken offers the best-fried chicken whereas McDonald’s has the best variety in burgers. Both make sure to bring out the best deals during Ramadan that are easy to digest and are especially pocket-friendly for all kinds of customers. KFC and McDonald’s bring special Sehr and Iftar deals for Ramadan at different […]

Netizens React to the New Jalebi Flavour by Lay’s Pakistan

Ever heard of a bizarre food combination? Lay’s has got one for you! They recently shared on social media about their plans to launch a new flavor, New Jalebi Flavour by Lay’s Pakistan. This caught the eye of netizens immediately and they had a lot of interesting opinions to share on this venture. New Jalebi […]

Top Popular Karachi Food Items That Express its Food Culture

karachi food items, karachi biryani

Karachi is a melting pot of cultures. It is the hub of all things Pakistan. The fast paced life of this metropolitan may seem too much to handle for the newbies, but once you get the hang of it, you are in for a wonderful ride with this city of lights. Karachi is a force […]

Top Mouthwatering Breakfast Places in Lahore

Breakfast Places, Lahore

If you have landed here, you are certainly wondering what is the point of having a weekend if we start our routine with the same bread and toast. You can’t possibly imagine staying indoors. When the scenic mountain views are waiting for you in summers and the outdoor sunbathing resorts during winters. Well, you are […]

Best Places for Burgers and Sandwiches in Islamabad

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It is hard to believe but we all have a connoisseur inside us. This hidden persona is an expert and can select the best art, food and music from the rest. The only problem is that the task was simple if we look back. There were very few restaurants and you had to travel all […]

Best Dine-in Restaurants in Lahore


.Lahore Lahore Hai is an expression popularly used to define the culture, beauty and history of the capital of Punjab. Recognized as the second largest city of Pakistan after Karachi, the origin of Lahore goes back. As it has remained under the control of various empires. However, the height of splendor was reached during the […]

Pakistan Set to Harvest Basmati Bumper Crop this Year

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Syed Hussain Jahania, Punjab Minister for Agriculture, announced that in the year 2021, Pakistan will set a record regarding the harvest of the Basmati crop. The announcement is made possible by the previous efforts to develop the agricultural sector of Pakistan by the agriculture ministry and the farming community as well.  In Kabirwala, during a […]

Mirchi 360 Islamabad Open for Dine-In

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Mirchi 360 is a small restaurant in Islamabad that offers a wide variety of food items, from snacks to meals. Their specialty is Spicy Biryani that they serve in Matka. Mirchi 360 currently has 11 Branches all over Pakistan. Matka is generally used to make traditional handis but Mirchi is making Biryani in Matka and […]

7 Myths About Coffee That You Need to Stop Believing

Myths about Coffee, Myths about Caffeine, Coffee dehydrates you

If you are a coffee lover, then we are here to educate you about the myths about coffee that you need to stop believing. You need to speak out for the many benefits associated with the cup of coffee boosting your immunity. It requires uprooting all the misconceptions in the minds of the consumers. 7 […]

10 Best Biryani Secret Tips Revealed From the Masteros

biryani secret tips, chicken biryani, mutton biryani

Whenever anyone asks a Pakistani about their favorite dish, the answer is almost always ‘Biryani’. When Pakistanis hear that Biryani is on the menu, they tend to go crazy. The reason is the sophisticated layering coupled with a unique combination of spices which give the exquisite taste and aroma, making it irresistible for food lovers. […]

Ten Best Ice Cream Parlors in Islamabad That Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Ice cream parlors in Islamabad, Ice cream cafe, Ice cream flavors

There are certain things in life that bring so much happiness and joy in life and one of those things is ice cream which is universally liked by everyone. Undoubtedly, ice cream is something that everyone loves. Some are very choosy about the style and flavors of ice cream and some love every flavor and […]