The Finest English-Urdu Bilingual Dictionaries Available Online

Online translations are the need of the day as the world gets smaller and smaller courtesy of the World Wide Web and an increasing number of people interact with each other on social media and elsewhere. The collective need of all these people to translate a word or phrase to communicate with friends across the […]

Getting to Know NADRA Pakistan


In a speech in parliament in 1973, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, the then Prime Minister of Pakistan stated, “due to the absence of full statistical database of the people of this country, this country is operating in utter darkness”. As a result, the government of Pakistan started working on a project to issue National Identity Cards […]

Taking a Look at the Avenues of Urdu News in Pakistan


Urdu is the most popular medium of spreading and selling news in Pakistan. This is owing to the fact that the national language of Pakistani is, but Urdu. There are a large number of Daily Newspapers, magazines, as well as TV channels that sell news with Urdu as the medium. As of today, Pakistan has […]

The Meaning and Significance of Moonstone


The Moonstone gemstone is a silicate of sodium potassium aluminum. The stone is very attractive to the sight and comes in different varieties and colors. Buyers are eager to take their pick from the range of moonstones available for sale. The choice of moonstone from the diverse range available mostly depends on the specific qualities […]

The Meaning and Significance of Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is an ancient stone which has been admired for its beauty, significance and uses since pre-historic times. From the earliest records available, lapis lazuli was found to be admired and valued by the people of the time, taking the lead from their forefathers. Its significance for mankind is so old that there isn’t […]

Popular English Language Daily: The Nation

The Nation

Daily Nation is a very popular English-language daily newspaper circulating in the country. Daily Nation has been in print ever since 1986 and it has been almost three decades since The Nation came into being. It is published simultaneously from four cities namely Lahore, Islamabad, Multan and Karachi. Daily Nation is part of the Nawa-i-waqt […]

Hussain Agahi Multan: Ancient and Modern State

Hussain Agahi Multan is an ancient bazaar in Multan city, which has been a hotspot for people for a very long time and continues to be, unabated. The bazaar is renowned for goods sold at affordable rates and is therefore a hot favorite for locals who look to buy on a budget. The main entrance […]

K2: The World’s Second Highest but Most Unforgiving Summit


The K2 mountain-top is the second highest mountain peak in the world, second only to the Mount Everest. It has a total height of 8,611 meters and is part of the Karakorum Range of mountains, the highest point of this range being the summit of K2. The mountain is renowned the world over for its […]

The History and Craft of Camel Skin Lamps in Pakistan

camel_skin_lamps_multan, multani_handwork, exports_from_pakistan, multani_handicraft

Crafting of Camel Skin Lamps in Pakistan The making of Camel Skin Lamps is a handiwork that has been practiced in Multan for almost a millennium! There are families in the city who have been into this business for centuries and continue to this day. Camel skin lamps Made in Multan are renowned world-wide for […]

Exploring the Dazzle of Truck Art from Pakistan

Paksitani_truck_art, truck_art_from_pakistan, traditional_pakistani_art, pakistani_trucks

Best of Pakistani Truck Art and Famous Truck Quotes of Pakistan Truck art from Pakistan is renowned the world over for its attraction and unique sense of artistic taste. Trucks in Pakistan are decorated with the paintings all over their bodies from local folk lore that gives them a Pakistani look instead of a vehicle […]

Daily Nawa-i-Waqt Keeping Pakistani Audiences Informed For Over 75 Years!

urdu_newspaper_daily, daily_nawaiwaqt, nawaiwaqt_sunday_newspaper, nawaiwaqt_epaper

Pakistani Urdu Newspaper Daily Nawa-i-Waqt Newspapers in both English as well as Urdu language are published in the country as English remains the official language of Pakistan and Urdu is the national language. Owing to the majority of people speaking Urdu however, there are many more Urdu newspapers published in the country relative to English […]

The Chaste Looking White Cotton Shirt Made In Pakistan

white_cotton_shirts, made_in_pakistan_products, exports_from_pakistan, cotton_garments

Pakistani White Cotton Shirts A feeling of chastity and purity is what you get from wearing a white cotton shirt. It is said that a white cotton shirt is a standard item for every man’s wardrobe. It is true that a white cotton shirt is a popular item when it comes to formal dressing because […]

Daily Dawn: Pakistan’s Premier English Language Daily

daily_dawn_newspaper, dawn_english_newspaper, dawn_news_Pakistan

Pakistan’s English Newspaper Daily Dawn There is a huge circulation of newspapers in Pakistan as there is a huge demand from people wishing to read about the latest happenings in and out of Pakistan. The advent of the huge number of news channels in Pakistan however has eclipsed the print media. This is because of […]

Top Hotels to Stay in Multan

top_hotel_in_multan, multan_travelling, travel_to_Multan

Doing Your Homework on Hotels in Multan? Are you planning to pay the City of Saints, THE MULTAN, a visit? Well, it is an interesting place to holiday so you would hopefully enjoy your stay. You should therefore carry on with finalizing your plans for the trip. The most important thing about your visit however […]

Khabrain Multan Providing Authentic News to the Citizens of Multan

multan, newspaper, urdu

Khabrain Multan: One of the Most Widely Circulated Daily Khabrain Multan is a very popular Urdu language daily that has a good circulation in the city. The newspaper is part of the Khabrian group of newspapers. Daily Khabrain was launched from Lahore back in September of 2000 and has ever since been published from different […]

A Top Bottom Review of Pakistan Live TV

pakistani_channels, pakistan_news_channels, pakistan_sports_channels, pakistan_online_tv

What is Pakistan Live TV? Pakistan live TV refers to the availability of a live stream of Pakistani TV channels online over the World Wide Web. This live stream can be made good use of only on high-speed internet connections so that the transmission of the selected TV channel can be watched through the internet. […]

PTV Home: Pakistan’s First-Ever TV Channel

ptv_home_channel, ptv

All You Need to Know About PTV Home: Pakistan’s First TV Channel Pakistan TeleVision [PTV], is the oldest TV channel from Pakistan, and about two decades ago, was the only channel operating in the country. Ptv home went on air for the first time on the 26th of November 1964 from Lahore, then known as […]