University of Sargodha Offering Ph.D. on Serat-un-Nabi

University of Sargodha

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan announced that he will reform Pakistan. He intends to base it on the principles laid down by our beloved Holy Prophet. He meant it as exemplified from his steps and initiatives. The recent interview to a private tv channel also sets a benchmark in the history of Pakistan. […]

Javed Afridi Teams Up with MG Motors To Make Cars

Javed Afridi, MG Motors

Javed Afridi is teaming up with MG motors to manufacture cars in Pakistan. This can prove to be beneficial for Pakistan. Read on to find out more about it. Who is Javed Afridi and his ventures? Javed Afridi is the CEO of Haier. He is also CEO/Founder of cricket team Peshawar Zalmi in Pakistan Super […]

Step by Step Guide to Verify Your Vehicle in Pakistan

Verify Your Vehicle in Pakistan

There was a time when a vehicle was considered a luxury item. There were a limited number of manufacturing industries in Pakistan. Besides, you ought to keep your car in perfect form with regular maintenance and service. Moving on wards, we can never ignore the annual taxation on an automobile. Still, the scenario has gradually […]

Shrines in Pakistan That Are Architectural Landmarks

Pakistan has extraordinary places and beautiful landscapes to explore. The country is rich in culture, and heritage. Pakistani people honor their values, culture, and traditions. That’s why every generation makes sure to pass on the true values and teachings to the next generation. So that they never forget the importance of these events and places. […]

Saad Ali: Pakistan’s First Formula 1 Driver

Saad Ali, Driver

Everybody loves a good race, right? Let’s talk about the world’s most famous race! Formula one! It is the highest class racing. The cars which take part in this forum include the single-seater racing cars. These automobiles need approval through the FIA to race. Formula one racing is something which makes everyone excited! Because people […]

Smart Ways to Use Social Media for Finding a Job

Social Media, jobs

These days, social media is not just used for fun, rather people have started using it for many other beneficial things and one of them is to find a good job. If you play your cards right, you can do so much more with your social media accounts than just a mindless scroll. Moreover, social […]

Top Export Leftover Online Brands in Pakistan

Export, online Brands

Have you ever wished to buy products of some famously known international brands such as Mango, H & M, Next, ZARA, Tom Tailor, and American Eagle Outfitters at local prices? If yes then keep on reading as in this article we’ll guide you about the top 10 export leftover online brands in Pakistan that sell […]

Most Popular Pakistani Clothing Brands

Popular Pakistani Clothing Brands

Clothing Brands can tell about a person. You may have come across the term textile while talking about fashion and clothing but you probably overlooked the deep-rooted word, Text, hidden inside the term. Yes, you have just realized a new way of looking at your clothes, the color and the design that you select as […]

Best Things to Do When in Hunza


Hunza The beautiful Hunza valley has the name of “Heaven on Earth”. It is an area in the region of Gilgit, Baltistan. Hunza valley borders Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) to the west and China to the northeast. This beautiful valley lies the majestic mountain ranges of Karakoram and Himalayas. It is at an elevation of 7,999 […]

Top Successful Pakistani Exports

Successful Pakistani Exports

Economy of Pakistan In 2019, exports of agricultural products of Pakistan was worth 5.05 billion U.S. dollars. For 2020, exports of goods with a value was around 21.98 billion U.S. dollars. In 2019, the most important export partner of Pakistan was the United States with a share of 14 per cent in exports. Trade in […]

How People Compromise Ergonomics at Workplace?

Ergonomics, work

People should not suit the workplace; the workplace should suit people. We bring the skill; they provide the equipment; for jobs that require sitting for an excessive amount of time at your desk, ensuring ergonomics is significant. If you’re not comfortable, you will be unable to utilize your brain. Not working ergonomically can be injurious […]

Top Must Have Digital Marketing Certifications

Digital Marketing Certifications

It seems that someone has just landed here to start a game changing journey in the world of digital marketing. Well, firstly, we welcome you for taking a huge step. And secondly, your motives are acclaimed as you are moving in the right direction. In general, people tend to think that marketing is all about […]

LinkedIn Features You Need to Know

LinkedIn Features

LinkedIn is a job marketplace, a networking platform, and a career enhancer, as we know it. However, there is much more to the platform than what we tend to perceive. LinkedIn was launched in 2003 and it has evolved largely during all these years. The platform appeared as a resume builder and an online place […]

Pro Tips to Set Up LinkedIn Profile for Job Seekers

linkedin, jobs

LinkedIn is an online application that helps businesses evolve and job seekers to get employed. Having a LinkedIn profile has become crucial in this era of rapid digitization because it gives you a professional online presence. LinkedIn This application allows you to meet like-minded professionals who help you achieve your goals. To attract employers or […]

Top Job Portals for Government Jobs

government, job portals

Ever since the beginning, mankind has been under the process of evolution. The effort to become better from the past has led us to discover new paths for existence. Process of communication, way of living, philosophies, religions, technology or the means of transportation; everything describes the efforts of humans throughout the time. Every individual human […]

How to Register a Private Company in Pakistan?

company, business

The business sector in Pakistan generates huge revenue for the country. The well-being of our state is highly dependent on the business sector as it contributes directly to the economy of our country. As important as it is, some of the investors and stakeholders who plan to initiate a private company lack the knowledge of […]

Work From Home vs Work From Office: A Statistical Comparison

work from home

Let’s Talk Numbers The debate between; working from home vs working at the office, is taking place more often since the pandemic. All offices had to shut down – to reduce the spreading of the deadly disease. Initially, it was temporary but, two weeks turned into a month, a month turned into two months, and […]

10 Inspiring Pakistani Entrepreneurs You Must Follow

business, Pakistani

Success is a long journey which tests your perseverance and patience. Facing all the obstacles coming along your way where many other people tend to give up their dreams. On the contrary, the one who considers these failures as lessons and learn from each experience would finally end up gaining the glory that one aimed […]