Lt General Nigar Johar – The Iron Lady of Pakistan Army

Lt. Gen Nigar Johar, Pakistani army, Iron lady

Since 1947, when Pakistan came into being, women have served in the military of Pakistan. The first group of female fighter pilots joined the PAF’s combat air mission command in 2006. Women greatly aided the triumph of the Pakistan Movement. Shireen Jinnah, Begum Ra’ana, and Fatima Jinnah are some of Pakistan’s founding moms. We can […]

The Laughing Legacy – Top 10 Iconic Comedians of Pakistan

Laughing Legacy , Pakistani Comedians, Celebrity

“Let’s Put a Smile on that face” Comedy in Pakistan has evolved over the past several years. It is a country producing highly talented comedians that can easily brighten up your bad dull day. Explore the comedy in Pakistan and the top comedians in this article who will make you laugh till your stomach hurts! […]

Aftab Iqbal – The Knowledge Powerhouse

Aftab Iqbal, Anchor, Comedy shows

In the golden years of television, Aftab Iqbal hosted a program known as “Khabarnak”. The show would air at a specific time on Geo News. Before his employment at Geo News, he worked for Dunya News in a segment known as Hasb-e-Haal. Read more about the legend in this article. Aftab Iqbal’s Career, Education and […]

Spotify Pays Tribute to Nazia Hassan at New York’s Times Square

Spotify, Nazia Hassan, New York’s Times Square

The Nightingale of Pakistan From Indian classical, language, and fashion trends, she’s, undeniably, a beloved performer. Nazia’s very first release consisted of one single musical composition, “Aap Jaisa Koi”. It featured in the 1980 Indian film Qurbani. In 1981, the Filmfare Awards nominated her. And thereupon, she won the award for the Best Playback Singer […]

Sajal Aly to Play Fatima Jinnah in the Upcoming Partition Series

Sajal Aly, Fatima Jinnah, Drama Series

Every story begins with suffering, moves on to development, reaches victory, and can end in tragedy or happily. Pakistan is a country that was born through determination, sacrifice, diplomacy, violence, and sheer willpower. Our country may have been born weak. But we have risen from the ashes of our failures and losses to a mighty […]

Ayeza Khan; The First Pakistani Actor to Cross 12M Followers on Instagram

Ayeza Khan, Pakistani Actor, Danish Taimoor

The Sun Rises on a New Queen Ayeza Khan leaps to new heights as she claims the throne for herself. With another new milestone achieved, she now remains Pakistan’s most followed celebrity with a total of 12 million followers on Instagram. Earlier in September of 2018, the 31-year-old actress made history by crossing the 10 […]

Nadia Hussain Salon Offers Amazing Summer Deals to Keep Your Skin Glowing

Nadia Hussain, Salon, Clinic

A Real Life Wonder Women in Pakistan Dentist, Famed Model, Outstanding designer and to top it off runs an aesthetic clinic “Radiance”, and the launch of her own beauty salon, “Nadia Hussain Salon & Clinic ”. Nadia is a role model for the next generation. Since she has the rare ability to spot the beauty […]

APS Survivor Ahmad Nawaz Becomes Oxford Union’s President

APS Survivor, Ahmad Nawaz , Oxford Union's President

Ahmad Nawaz, a survivor of the APS attack in Peshawar, has become Oxford Union’s president. Ahmad was just 14 years old when the APS attack took place and the terrorists shot him. He said that he wants to use his position to raise awareness about the importance of education for children in Pakistan. “I want […]

Contributions of Tariq Aziz to the Pakistani TV Industry

Tariq Aziz, Pakistani TV, Tariq Aziz Show

The contributions of Tariq Aziz. to the industry for over four decades are uncountable. He hosted some of the most popular shows on Pakistani television. Tariq Aziz is one of the most popular and respected figures in the Pakistani TV industry. He is best known for his game show, “Neelam Ghar,” which. was one of […]

Abiha Haider to Represent Pakistan in Russia Young Leaders Conference

Abiha Haider, Russia Young Leaders Conference, Pakistan

Abiha Haider is a young Pakistani woman who has been. selected to represent her country at the Russia Young Leaders Conference. Moreover this year’s conference will be. held in Sochi from October 14-19, and it is. expected to bring together over 200 participants from around the world. Abiha Haider Consequently this is a huge accomplishment […]

Rickshaw Driver’s Kind Gesture Promotes Girls’ Education in Peshawar

Rickshaw Driver, Girls' Education, Peshawar, Arab Shah

A 29-year-old rickshaw driver from Peshawar, Pakistan, becomes an inadvertent local hero after he begins providing free transportation to school-going girls in his youth home. He started this undertaking 6 years ago in order to advance education in Peshawar for local girls. Arab Shah His name is Arab Shah. Shah was initially inspired to launch […]

Life of Coal Mine Workers in Pakistan

Safety gear, coal mine workers, medical insurance, work shift

Pakistan has many resources to generate its own electricity. One such resource found in enough is coal . Thanks to all the coal miners who put their lives at stake digging deep. They extract coal deposits to meet the demands of all the thermal power plants. Coal continues to be a rich source of generating […]

Celebrity Couples in Pakistani Showbiz Industry

Pakistani Celebrities, pakistani actors, Showbiz news

Every country has its own showbiz industry. Pakistan showbiz is not behind in this case. We have our own ways and methods of entertainment. One big medium is the television media. We have many big celebrities from our country. They have managed to achieve success with their wonderful performances on screen. This article will inform […]

Sham Idrees – Canadian-Pakistani Influencer Who Rose to Fame Through YouTube

Shaam, Influencer, Vlogger

Influencer marketing is gaining momentum due to its widespread access to multicultural and multinational audiences. Different companies partner with some specific individuals who are able to spread their message in a very short time. In this article, we will discuss the life of Sham Idrees, the Canadian Pakistani Influencer as an example to showcase the […]

Bohey Barriyan Girl – Hadiqa Kayani Lights Up a Digital Billboard at Times Square

Bohey Barriyan Girl, Hadiqa Kayani, Times Square

Hadiqa Kiani has been. named the third Ambassador for EQUAL by Spotify, continuing the. company’s tradition of recognising Pakistani women artists.   Following Arooj and folk singer Mehak Ali, Hadiqa has been. chosen Spotify’s singer of. the month. Furthermore According to a statement released by press, Spotify’s latest effort aims. to elevate the voices of […]

Bilquis Edhi Who Spent Her Life Serving Humanity

Bilquis Edhi, Pakistan's Mother Teresa, Humanity

Bilquis Edhi devoted her life to continuing with her selfless goals of Edhi. She sadly passed away in 2016. She was one of the most hard-working humanitarians in Pakistan. She was the co-chair of the Edhi Foundation. A cause association that offered many types of assistance in Pakistan including a clinic and crisis administration for […]